This Secunderabad Lad is going to lead us in the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

We have started to dream again!! A dream of watching India in the FIFA World Cup.. A dream of getting to cheer for our own country rather than just finding refuge in the foreign ones. And helping make the dream come true is this guy! Born in Secunderabad but born to play for the world, he has made it into the Arjuna awardee list already! Although Sunil Chhetri played for over 10 clubs all over the world, he is now the Indian Football Team Captain and pledged his loyalty to the country for this FIFA World Cup!

Say Hello to Sunil Chhetri, a.k.a “India’s record breaking footballer”!
Kansas City Wizards' Chhetri runs to the ball during 2010 U.S. Open Cup qualifying round against the Colorado Rapids in Kansas City
He is considered the “face of Indian Football” after Baichung Bhutia.
Guess how old the face of Indian Football is?

30! Doesn’t look anything like it does he?
This is the guy we are counting on for leading us into the 2018 FIFA World Cup. His 2 winning goals against Nepal in Round 1 of the qualifiers are a major beacon of hope!
By the way… By the way… he was the 1st Indian to ever face off with ManU. That’s his stint with Kansas City Wizards.


Named along with Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo in a UK-based Football magazine as one of the “the world’s most talked-about players – the most newsworthy players who, by definition, are the most important”.
All hail the new captain of the Indian Football Team! He’s definitely showing promise of a good future in the Indian Football scene. Let’s hope that we will get to cheer for India this time at the FIFA World Cup.

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