This Artist Is Winning Hearts In The “Tiniest” Way Possible!

Did we even know a thing or two about Micro-art before the movie Eega? The closest we ever got to knowing micro –art before the movie, was the customary name-on-a-rice-grain in exhibition. However, we often take the art for granted. We do not see the effort put into the art to its fullest extent. How many of us even have steady hands enough to draw a straight line? And then cut to this amazing micro-artist, Mahesh from Hyderabad who creates magic with his hands. While creating art so tiny is commendable in itself, his concepts and presentation of ideas are just as brilliant.
Here’s a look at some of his work!
He calls this one, “Bond of the Heart”.
bond of heart
This is his way of celebrating the birth anniversary of Thomas Edison.
And Maha Sivaratri.
This one’s for Independence Day. Look at that finesse!!
Indepndnce Day
“Nee gunde gootilo naa gunde haayiga, thala daachukundani teliyaleda?”
Nee gunde Gootilo
Who knew it was possible to show an emotion as massive as a mother’s love in just a few millimeters!?
A Bullet is a beauty; no matter what its size.
Not gonna lie. I didn’t know this was even possible.
This was the one that won our heart! 😉 (Baahubali)
Now meet the maker of these masterpieces!! Maheshiva!
Such awesomeness and this is just a peek. visit his FB page or follow his Twitter handle for more!!

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