Perks You Will Enjoy Dating A Guy Little Elder to you!


Puri Jagan garu is always so right about life and what sort of bitch it can be, like he said “Guys never understand girls”. He is right when it comes to dating a woman of same age , you know the universal truth which says “Guys are little immature when compared to girls”. Andhuke peddhalu Marriage lo kooda age gap prefer chesthaaru. Inthaki na point enti ante Ammayilani artham cheskotaaniki koncham time paduthundhi, adhe maakante age lo peddha anukondi alaa avaleela ga guess kottestharu.So dating them will be something like this.


1.They treat us like woman, thakkuva anchana veyyane veyyaru. Respect tho matladutharu, padeyali anna intention tho kaakunda. Ahh that feels so good.



2.When you are around your guy friends he hardly gets jealous, if he knows you well and that amount trust is built he kinda won’t ask any details, you will have that personal freedom with you forever.



3.Random ga trip plan cheskunna or when you are very bad at these saving till month end policy he is always there for you. Gonthulo hich-kichh lekunda adigeyyachu.



4. Ammayilu ayyi undi manam kooda antha organized ga undamu emo. These people have everything in their places.



5.Girls and surprises are best friends, aren’t they? That tender piece of flesh between lungs melts you see. They know those little things which makes us happy.



6.They are elder to us ,it is so obvious they’ll have bigger responsibilities but they still manage to make time for us. Nothing can beat this gift.



7.When you get little tipsy and they become our body guard. When we are taking a big decision they are always ready with experience so they guide us thorugh. In short they are so much like our daddies.



8.Mana allari happy ga enjoy chesthaaru without complaining. Veellu aithe manatho paatu allari chestharu. They’ll be ready to do things which we love.


9.Bank policies nunchi, City lo stash ekkada dorukuthundho varaku motham idea untundhi veellaki. Manam just plan chepthe chaalu.. aavalinche lopu pegulu thempukosthaaru 😛



10.Love marriages generally fail because iddharu ekkada thaggaru all those Ego phases. When there’s little age gap scene is reverse. Full understanding untundhi and the maturity levels match well, inkem “Subham” card veskovachu.



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