Things you can Relate to when your Life Partner is a Photographer!

Ee madhya photographer ni fairy la chusthunnaru. Memorable unde moments ni beautiful ga capture chese talent unnadhi veellake kadha mari. Alaantidhi life partner eyy manchi photographer aithe…

1. Perfect timing :

Veella timing ki salute asalu. Eppudu click chesesthaaro theleedhu kani best pics ni click chesthaaru.


2. Sensible :

Most sensible persons asalu. Minute details ni kuda chakkaga chupisthaaru.


3. Patience :

High patience levels veellake sontham.


4. Best angles :

Eyy matter lo aina, person lo aina best angles bayataku theppisthaaru.


5. Creativity at its peaks :

Normal location ni kuda beautiful ga chese creative geniuses mari.


6. Beauty is in eyes :

“Beauty is in the eyes of beholder” ane quote veellakosame ani prove chesesthaaru. Manaku beauty is in everything ane concept ni parichayam chesedhi veelle.


7. Different perspective :

Eyy matter ni aina anni perspectives nundi chusi kaani conclusion ki raaru, alaage judge kuda cheyyaru!


8. Focussed :

Perfect timing lo moments ni capture cheyyalante entha focused ga undaalo meere alochinchandi.


9. Extroverts :

Easy ga people tho mingle avthaaru. And best people to chill with!


10. Captures all moments :

Inka special ga cheppaala?? They make every moment special in our life and capture all of them making us realize how beautiful our life is!



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