What All Places To See If Visiting ‘Rajahmundry’ For One Day Is Your Plan ?


A serene day to spend by the river and enjoy the palatable food of the authentic Andhra cuisine…There’s no other place to seek peace than enjoy the calmness of the river by sitting on its bank. You experience the serenity of the place right after you get out of the train. No better start to this place than going on the morning drive by the river.

After a whole night spending on the train, we yearn for a cup of coffee. Get down the train and head straight to ‘Sitaara Coffee House’. Have a steaming cup of coffee and special Masala Dosa to make a perfect start for your day. Then you can start exploring this historical city.

Rajahmundry is known for its history and literary heritage. In this a must visit place is ‘Cotton Barage and Museum’. You can go there and experience the struggle and the efforts that they all went to make this coastal area rich and fertile. You can enjoy the serene view of Dhowleswaram Barrage and when it’s time for food, there’s no other place than ‘SriKanya Grand’ to enjoy the biryani with a slight hint of our authentic spices.

After a hearty meal, go on and explore the actual history in the infamous Rallabandi Museum. You will be astonished by the numerous collections from our medieval times. There’s also an age old Damerla Art Gallery if you’re into paintings. Those progressive paintings are definitely worth a visit and are going to definitely make you think and admire the painter’s inspiration. On the way back take a turn and taste our delicious and age old Rose milk.

When it’s time for sunset, there’s no better place than Pushkarala Revu to enjoy the peace. It’ll give you a spiritual experience by mixing the red hues of sunset with temple bells ringing in the background. Stay there till the time of Godavari Harathi which is a magnificent view to your eyes. Then take a peaceful stroll on the river side and admire the view. Take a pack of city’s special Tomato Bajji and savor the taste while you walk. A short boat ride along the river bank, where you can merge yourself among the hues of sunset reflecting on the river Godavari.

The next place that should be on your list is Iskon. Rajahmundery’s Iskon is rated as one of the biggest in the country. There are many temples surrounding the place which are equally graceful.
Skip non veg for one meal and devour in the authentic flavours of Udipi Akshaya. The sambar there is definitely a must try. Leave this city with a serene experience and peace filled heart. And don’t forget to take back a pack of Gangaraju palakova for your loved ones.


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