10 Things We Must Learn From Our Cool Thala MS Dhoni


Contribued By Ujwal Gollapudi


We all know him as an uber cool captain. Many of us just admire him for the inspirational figure that he is. Whatever we do of Dhoni so far, it is clear that his life is something that anybody can take inspiration from. These 10 things about Dhoni’s personality are probably all that you need to be a success at life, professionally and personally.


1. Professionalism
On the cricket field, we all know how professional Dhoni is. He is totally aware of everything that is going on in the ground. From the team selection to field placement, from captaincy to wicket-keeping, from hard hitting to bowling changes, he manages everything with great elan.



2. Cool Headed
That Dhoni is ice-cold in pressure situations is nothing new. Keeping calm in pressure situations helps to boost the morale and confidence of other players. Captain cool MSD is also an expert at finishing off tight matches.



3. Fitness
Even at the age of 35, he is still considered as one of the fastest runners between the wickets. His fitness and athleticism converting 1’s into 2’s are very essential in close matches.



4. Quick in making decisions
MSD’s brain is faster than a Bugatti when it comes to making decisions on the spot. He is in a league of his own when it comes to decision making. Still doubt it, remember the match vs Bangladesh in WorldT20 2016.



5. Funny in tricky situations
Post-match press meets are the toughest when it comes to sports. MSD is really famous for his answers to the tricky question from the media. With a little sense of humour, Dhoni hits a helicopter shot with each reply and wins there too.



6. Balancing personal and professional lives
For most of the people, balancing their personal and professional lives is a task all on its own. But even after being the captain of the Indian cricket team (probably toughest job in the country after PM), MSD strikes a perfect balance between his professional and personal life.


7. Love and passion towards profession
When his daughter, Ziva, was born, he was in the middle of a long and tiring tour of Australia. He got a glance of his daughter only after the completion of the tour. This is enough to say how much he loves his country.



8. Supporting team members!
All the ‘Hitmans’ and ‘Sirs’ of current Indian team were once struggling with a lack of form. Dhoni came to their rescue and backed them at their time of crisis.



9. Taking responsibility during defeat, Sharing credit during wins!
After winning a Tournament, Dhoni always hands over the trophy to the youngest member of the team. But, when it comes to losing, we can see him blaming himself for the wrong decisions made.



10. Consistency!
With his consistent performance as a batsman in ODIs, MSD was one of the few players to be at number 1 of ICC Batsmen’s rankings for a long period time.



With all these qualities, winning has become a habit to him. He has become the only Indian cricket team captain to win all the major ICC tournaments and even placing India at no 1 in Test rankings. There is a lot to learn from him as a person.


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