12 Things That We Wish To Ask Our Ex If We Ever Get The Chance!


A Break up is one of the hardest things to go through and is worse than a nightmare. Losing someone who was so close to your heart is never easy. Though we try our best to overcome and get on with it as if nothing ever happened, it still wrenches our heart. Now that we’ve moved on and overcome that grief, today we want to think about what happens after a break up? What are the possible question that run in our mind if we ever run into them again?


So, here’s the list of things we may want to ask our ex!!


1. Do you ever miss me?
I know we broke up for a reason and that you started leading a life without me. Still, the curiosity in me wants to know whether you ever think about me.



2. Did you ever want to talk to me again?
Ever wanted to text me or call me again. I would literally die in the initial stages to talk to you but was it the same with you?



3. Do you have any one in your life now?
Is there someone better than me? Someone who makes you forget me. Did I get replaced by someone?



4. Was our relationship a mistake?
Did you ever feel that getting into a relationship with me was a mistake?



5. Are you happy now?
Speaking frankly, I never was and never am. But are you happy now and is this what you ever wanted or is it just the feeling that we share mutually.


6. What is your reaction when you hear my name?
Do you panic? Do you hope it’s me or just wish that I never existed?



7. Were you really serious about me?
We had quite a few promises exchanged early, were they only promises made of words that are never going to come true or was it a dream for you.



8. Why don’t we talk now?
I know being friends with the ones we loved is the hardest thing one can imagine. But remember how we used to be best buddies. Why don’t we talk anymore now?



9. Did you ever cheat on me?
Though we are no more together, I just hope it’s a no! or was it why we broke up?



10. Do you wish we were still together?
Did you ever consider getting back to me and sorting things out so that we can start afresh again? Do you really really wish we still were together in a relation.



11. Did you actually love me?
I know its foolish to ask at this point of time but this is the one thing that I always wanted to ask ‘Did you love me or was it just a thing in life that had no purpose?’



12. What do you wish you could ask me?
Anything which annoyed you or was the main reason for us splitting up. Any regrets according to you?


– Hoping that you’ll get these answers from your ex soon!!

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