9 Feelings That Only A Midnight Foodie Can Understand!


8PM : I am kinda full bro
12:00.AM : Rats running in stomach ya. Dear fridge you have something for me ?

Something relatable Foodies? I know those midnight food cravings. These ‘Midnight Food Cravings’ are like ‘Donald Trump’ we know it’s very very bad but can’t just avoid.


1. Maggi, Popcorn packets lekunda grocery shopping is never complete.



2. Eggs and pickle are always handy coz you never know when your friends bump in with bottles and be like ‘Mama at least arrange some nibbles ya’.



3. Friend : Arey Koncham ‘Jentac’ teeskoni ra, kadupu lo manduthundhi.
Me : Chal Kadupu lo manta unte Ice-cream thinaali kaani ORS water antaav. Theayyaraa Bandi.



4. They say “To win a Man’s heart you’ll have to impress his stomach”. Now it is “You should know right places to eat midnight food he’ll fall for you right there. Yumyummumum.



5. Yes! I do sleepovers at friend’s place but on one condition. Food! Food! Food!



6. Midnight food thinakudadhu ani anevaallu endhuku ante cheekatilo thinakoodadhu kanuka. Thanks to Refrigerators, we can and should eat now.



7. Friend : What you doing for this weekend? We’ll go have some beers and eat at a nice place?
Me : Bro manchiga beers tho paatu peanut masala chaalu. Dhaani tharwatha roadside Dosa lu ki justice evaru chesthaaru cheppandi?



8. That moment when she gets a doubt seeing the vessels in the sink. We be like ‘Telidhu, Gurthu ledhu, Marchipoya!



9. Manadhi night shift ante.. morning shift avvagane breakfast thintaam, afternoon lunch kooda malli shift ki poye mundhu. Malli akkada kooda, You guys also ever wonder that we are almost eating the whole day?



But it’s ok.
It’s no Sin. It’s just food.


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