7 New Things A Hyderabadi Wants In USA!

[This article has been contributed by Sandeep TNVS, a hardcore Hyderabadi who now lives in New Jersey]


We Indians dream of living the American Dream, and make the long jump from home to start living the dream. But, we do miss our homeland, don’t we?


Here’s what we would want in America while that would make living the dream easier!


1. Panipuri at Times Square:


*click* *click* *click* is all that happens at Times Square, why not a Puchka Bandi to satisfy our cravings!


panipuri - chai bisket


2. Masala Peanuts on Brooklyn Bridge:


Nothing compares to the feel that comes with a packet of warm boiled peanuts spiced with our masala! The breeze on the top of the bridge, with peanuts in hand and a buddy to chat with. Priceless!



Bridge - chai bisket


3. Munching on Subways:


Nothing lights up our senses like the small hot spicy samosas on a moving train! Ride to work = Bliss for hunger pangs!


america subway - chai bisket


4. Paan Dabbas at the corner of streets!


Which smoker  doesn’t love a hot little cup of chai with a cigarette, on a random walk! No Dunkin, no 7Eleven, nothing like a Paan Dabba!


America Streets - Chai Bisket


5. Pull over on a beautiful highway for a pose!


Any poser worth his salt would do anything to stop by on a beautiful road for a quick picture! But American roads, why you no allow random stops!


highway - chai bisket


6. Sharing Autos
Bhaiya, WTC chaloge?
Auto Bhaiyya: Madam thoda khisko ji, bas 5 minute door hai!


auto - chai bisket

7. Torrent every movie as it comes out.


Torrenting = Breaking the law!




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