What If…Food Bloggers Started Describing Indian Food Items In The Most Complex Way Possible?!


Contributed By Deepak Janmanchi


Ever wondered what ‘Deep fried semolina cups filled with chickpeas and tangy tamarind water’ are? Wait…Wait…Do not over strain your brain! It is the general description used by Indian food bloggers to write about our all-season favorite recipe ‘Pani-Puri’! Those weird descriptions drove me up to write this. What if such funny explanations are given to more and more of our Indian food items? Check this out…

Disclaimer: This is not to offend anyone. Reader’s discretion is advised.


1) Have an Eye-Feast here…This is our Indian water bomb!



2) Mysore Bonda: A spherical ball of cake flour batter deep fried in oil (of temperature 103.6 degree Celsius)



3) Momo: Sea-shell shaped semolina paste loaded with choice of stuffing like mashed vegetables or chicken!



4) Dosa : Overnight fermented batter of black-gram converted from its 3D form to 2D over a hot rectangular pan



5) Idli : Semi Three Dimensional expanded form of steamed blackgram batter which is a staple food of all the health conscious middle aged people



6) Pav Bhaji : Indian sandwich under layered with highly beaten up and tortured chickpea paste



7) Vada : Indian doughnut made by shallow frying the 2:8 mixture of rice flour and black-gram paste…



8) Kofta : crap made up of unknown vegetables surrounded with thick crispy bengal-gram paste layer



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