Bore Kodtundi: 15 Crazy Things We’re Doing These Days Out Of Heavy Boredom

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

Lockdown 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 ilaa continue avtune undhi lockdown. Manam intlone undaalsi vastundhi. Malli work from home. Malli same boredom. Phone lo oka app nunchi inko app ki jump cheyyadam.  Malli malli app ni refresh cheyyadam. Ilaa boredom tho online lo manam chese chaala picchi panulu chaala untaayi. Avanni okasaari chuseyandi.

  1. Window shopping in online shopping sites

2. Scroll through instagram until it shows ‘You’re all caught up’ notification

3. Watch reels only to complain about it.

4. Check flights to holiday spots and then feel bad that we can’t go anywhere now.

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5. Binge watching entire series in a night and then feeing bored as you have nothing to watch

6. Online loki ra game aadadaam mowa ani mana friend ni adagdam.

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7. Check the number of covid cases in country and complain about the person who ate Bat

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8. Checking phone repeatedly only to see no new notification.

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9. Watching cooking recipes and craving for them during midnights

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10. Enter clubhouse and hop onto different rooms.

11. Trying hard to find a vaccination slot in cowin portal.

12. Watching  Bramhanandam best comedy scenes on Youtube repeatedly for nth time.

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13. Try on Snapchat filters

14. Unnoticed things find cheyyadam

15. Reading comments  of two people arguing under Youtube videos

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Veetilo meeru enni chestaaru?  What are other things you do online out of pure boredom? Let us know in the comments section.

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