All That You Need To Know About The Hyderabadi Medicine That Is A Household Name Today!


Unani medicine is often criticized for its credibility as a medicine and is considered less important when compared to other forms. Breaking all these stereotypes one such medicine is curing Hyderabad from various kinds of diseases. Let it be swine flu symptoms or dengue fever or either a common flu or fever most Hyderabadis or perhaps even some parts of other states refer to this amazing drug.

This drug also resembles many fascinating aspects which are considered to be the building blocks of success for it. Right from the name to its logo and brand building Zinda tilismath has been a strong definition for producing the right product for consumers. It is said that the maker of this wonder drung Mohd. Farooqui was inspired by the strong built body and physical appearance of the siddi community males and their quick adaptation to seasonal changes was what led foundation to its discovery.


So here are few amazing things about it that define why this age old medicine is a practical magic in the field of science.

This is one of the oldest modern day medicine founded by Hakeem Mohammed Moizuddin Farooqui in the pre-independence era and early 1920’s.



It is known to have zero side effects to the patients as it completely made out of herbal products like Eucalyptus Oil (Neel Gond ka tail), Camphor( Sattay Caphoor), Menthol (Sattay Pudina), Thymol( Sattay Ajwain), Alkanet root (Rangbasa/Ratanjot) as the main ingredients



It can be used as a medicine to consume, apply on skin (head and throat) and also can be used as anti-septic lotion used in showers.



It is known to cure many common diseases like cold, cough, dysentry, headache, body ache, tooth ache, stomach disorders, feverish symptoms and also a viable remedy for the seasonal diseases like swine flu, malaria, dengue and other diseases.



The logo contains an African male who represents the siddi’s community who are immigrants from Africa residing in Hyderabad for ages.



It is also now distributed to foreign countries like Saudi and etc.



Zinda Tilismath translated from urdu stands for “Living Magic”



The Kharakhana located in Quadri bagh, Amberpet region of Hyderabad, used to draw water from the nearside passing musi river for making this medicine.



There are other products from this company like Farooqi dant manjan, zinda balm and etc which also have a considerable market in medicine field.



This living magic is truly the sanjeevani of Hyderabad which is helping its residents since times immemorial. Also, it is certainly our Jugaad style of dealing with hard resistant diseases.


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