This Tale From The Ramayana’s Sundarakanda Is Proof Of What Positive Mentoring Do For Your Resources!


Contributed By Swetha Kala


Ramayana has many hidden lessons for young budding corporates like us. One such lesson is mentoring or feedback. Mentoring is advising or training (someone, especially a younger colleague). Feedback stands for modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects, for example in a biochemical pathway or behavioral response.

Lord Hanuman is often regarded as the first Indian super hero and one among the 7 immortals according to Hindu mythology.

He was very brave and had lot of powers and could even fly. But during his childhood he troubled a saint, and received a curse that he will forget all his powers. The only relief he got from this curse was that he could use all his powers only when someone would remind him about them.

This piece is from Sundar kand of Ramayana. Maharaja of Kiskindha Sugriva sends his army in all the directions to search for Lady Sita. One of the search parties reaches the southern tip of India (now Rameshwaram) there they meet Sampati elder brother of Jatayu, with his sharp vision he spots Sita. He informs the searching squad of monkeys about Sita’s presence under the Ashoka tree in Lanka. The monkeys decided to immediately start for Lanka, but a problem arose. Who would fly across the huge sea?

Angad could only go a hundred miles, Jambavan was old and tired, and others could not fly. While everyone was tensed and wondered what to do. Jambavan realized that only Hanuman, the son of Vayu had the capacity to fly across the ocean. The monkeys got together to remind Hanuman of his strengths. Hanuman offered his prayers and set off on the journey. He increased in size and with a great roar, leapt up to the skies. As his gigantic shadow fell on the waters of the ocean, nature rose to help him. The sun reduced its heat, the moon showered its bright light, and the wind helped him keep afloat.

Such is the power of mentoring and positive feedback. We all have the Hanuman with us who has forgotten their powers and talents over the years or even due to unfavorable circumstances. But we need one such Jambabvan who will spot our hidden talents and help us bring it out in the full. We just need to put our trust in him and also on ourselves.


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