Meet The Telugu Statistician Who Predicted US Polls Results using Big Data!


While the whole world was expecting the victory of Hillary in the recent US elections, Madhava Turumella, a professional statistician from the UK who did his post grad in Computers and further studied Big Data in MIT has predicted that Trump will accomplish the Presidentship of US. He analysed the data from worldwide regarding the US elections and stated that Donald Trump is going to win. Madhava got it right and it nearly was four months ago. He analysed the data US polls to test his skills by investing his own money. Turumella has his own staff working for him at places like Guntur and Rajkot.

A Hindu priest, Speaker, Author and Ex-Vice President of Hindu Forum of Britain and also the director for UK Council of Dharmic Faiths. Madhav Turumella traditionally pursued Sanskrit and mastered the knowledge of Hindu scriptures. He also has a one and half year's residential Vedanta course and received the tittle "Dharmaveera". He is prominently known as walking encyclopaedia of Hinduism. He also plays a major role in strengthening UK interfaith relations. He is the founder of Rajabodh Hindu think-tank operating out of UK. He also conducts Management Training lessons.

Madhava Turumella worked as Global Data Collection director for the world 's second largest opinion polling agency and is the founder & CEO of Cove Venture, which deals with Big data and Digital technologies. In the past, he also predicted about Chandra babu Naidu and Narendra Modi winning the 2014 polls and even the recent Brexit. For his analysis, he uses data available on social media and huge public opinion online. He has developed his own data collecting tool and analysed the US poll as an experiment to try out his tool, and it was successful. He said that the Americans living in the interiors of USA were not satisfied with the ruling of Obama and Clinton and this would bring up a hidden revolution which in turn is going to bring their government down.


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