This Mockumentary Detailing The Journey Of Marijuana In Small Towns Is Hilarious AF!


It’s quite common to watch people making short films on anything like, literally anything. From a girl’s virginity to lame whatsapp jokes being made in a short video format anything is now a day’s called as short film. And also to catch up with the trend if the story is somewhat related or in resemblance to any living/dead person they even call it a documentary, such is the trend these days.

But, here comes one of its kind of Short film? Err rather I’ll call it a documentary? Or maybe a “Mockumentary” which takes a dig at the modern day so called short film makers in a subtle yet powerful way.

We often see people calling “Ganjai” or “Gaanja” with several other names like “Maal”, “Weed”, “Marijuana” “Stash”, “Dope”, “Grass” or rather in our telugu style “gaddi”. Hundreds of names but still has similar high as any. This substance has always been a topic worth debate from some people strongly opposing its use to few people fighting for legalization its “High time” we get to know what usually goes through from the smokers point of view.
Here’s such “Mockumentary” by a guy named “Rohit Penumatsa” in which he shows the process involved in smoking a joint in “small towns” and suburb areas.


Note: We do not promote any kind of substance use and it is just an attempt to show the perspective of other side.


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