All You Need To Know About The Dying Culture Of Satirical & Humorous Dakhani Poetry!


Hyderabad is a land filled with many unsung heroes, unknown aspects and untold stories throughout its existence. Right from its inception to this day people have evolved with a sense of humility with appreciation of their own in their “apna” style. Like once a famous person said “Sherwani, Qubbani, Biryani” are the fuels that keep us running.

The style of humour satire poetry used in the previous sentence is not too lengthy to make anything out of it but it gives us a glimpse of how we have evolved with humor and satire in our blood.

Here’s one such documentary focusing on the “Dakhani Mizahiya Shayari” which is Hyderabad’s very own style of talking, praising and even making fun of anything we like.

A Tongue Untied: The Story of Dakhani from Gautam on Vimeo.

This documentary focuses on the origins, evolution and how one tongue has bought about smile in thousands of people faces even when there were no proper radios / T.V. sets.

Do checkout their website and fund them to know more about the city of nawabs.


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