A Simplest Explaination Of TG Assembly Dissolution By Comparing It To Cricket Terminology


There are many Speculations that Telangana CM K.Chandrashekar Rao is very much interested to for Early Polls by Dissolving the State Legislature.The Political Atmosphere also seems that The Elections for TG Assembly are likely to happen earlier than the scheduled time……

Idanthaa rojoo News Papers lo chadivede,TV channels lo chusede kada,kottaga emundi ani anukuntunnaraa?? Well,You Need not Dissappoint…In This Article We gonna explain completely about early polls,Process of Dissolution of Assembly,The Concequences followed by, simply with our Test Cricket Terms………Sounds Weird, Right….Lets Check it out….

General ga Test Cricket 5 days untundi – Similarly mana Assembly Term kooda 5 years Untundi…

Toss gelichina vallu Batting or Bowling choose chesukuntaru,After their Innings Other team comes for Batting – Peoples Mandate unnavallu,Majority Unnavallu Power loki vastaru,But Cricket lo laga kakunda 5 years velle Batting Cheyali

The Captain of the Batting Team can Declare the Innings Whenever he want to – Similarly,The Chief Minister has the Right to Dissolve the Legislative Assembly,Ante Assembly Gaduvu(5years) mugiyaka
mundhe Innings declare cheyadam annamaata…KCR garu chesedi idhe…TG Assembly Term May varaku undi,But he is Dissolving the Assembly to go for early election.Ikkada Cabinet Ministers ki kaani (Vice Captain) MLA’s (Team Players) ki kaani vere choice undadu.They have to Obey their CM’s(captains) Decision.

Test Cricket to Follow On aadadam unnattu Ikkada kooda ilanti oka Rule untundi….Assembly Dissolve
aipoindi,ante Government Lenatte,Government lekunda Administration ela jaruguthundi??So The Umpire i.e Governor in this case asks The CM(Captain) to play Follow on,ante Kotta Government Form ayyedaaka Care Taker CM ga undamani Request chestaru,and the CM(captain) has to Oblige it.

Bad Light valla kaanee,Weather condition valla kaani Match sagakapoyinaa delay ayina,Referee will take a decision – Similarly,Assembly Dissolve aipodam valla,There has be an Election within 6 Months,So
Ikkada kooda Referee garu untaru,He is None Other than Election Commissioner.

Cricket lo Edaina Situation lo ela munduki vellali ane doubt clear cheskodam kosam Referee Rule Book ela aithe Refer cheskuntaro – Ikkada kooda Mana Refere i.e Election Commissioner will check into the
Constitutuion,vere evaina ibbandulu unnaya ani okasari chuskoni Assembly Elections ki Schedule ni

Declare chestaru…..Ika Anni Political Parties (Teams),Campaigning ki (Net Practice) Veltharu….Next Election (Match) lo Gelavalani


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