15 Scenic Telugu Villages You Should Visit If You’ve Never Been To A Village In Your Life!


There are people around us who have actually never been to a village before in their entire life. And there might be reasons, that they were born in a city, and have all of their relatives in city too. So for people like us, the first time village experience is always special. So the first thing you imagine after listening to the word village is, full of lush greenery around you, huge coconut trees, bullock carts, and etc. Thanks to Telugu movies we have seen them many times. So the villages listed down in this article are not the usual ones you’ve seen before in movies. Each village has something special. And you’ll be stunned when you visit any of these villages for the first time.


1. Lambasingi, Visakhapatnam


2. Perantapalli, Godavari (Papikondalu)


3. Maredumulli, Godavari


4. Kuntala, Adilabad


5. Kolleru, Eluru


6. Bhongir


7. Laknavaram, Warangal


8. Pulikat, Nellore (Lake Sanctuary)


9. Madhanapalli Horsley Hills, Chittoor


10. Kalingapatnam, Srikakulam


11. Razole, East Godavari


12. Srisailam, Kurnool


13. Pochera, Adilabad


14. Pakhal, Warangal


15. Gandikota, Kadapa

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