9 Telugu Rap Songs That Hold A Great Social Message To Society


When the RAP initially originated back in 1970’s in the streets of USA.. There was a cause. People of similar minds used to form groups, hit the streets and just free-style (rap) about their feelings. It was more of a revolution. But later RAP has slowly started to become another Music genre. There are many rappers in our country who’ve made millions. Also there are people who have a purpose and soul in their raps, like DIVINE.

So we filtered and listed down Telugu rap songs that hold a great social message to the society. These are not your regular commercial rap songs, each song speaks volumes about each issue.


1. Telugu Veera – Pranav Chaganty

Sheds light on importance of Telugu Language. And how Telugu Kavitvaalu & Telugu Kalahaalu existed even before we were born.

2. Thalli Bhaarama – Pranav Chaganty

‘Is Mother A Burden?’. he made this video after the viral horrifying video of a man throwing his ailing mother off the terrace.

3. Garjana – Roll Rida

There was big, strong moment that was active on FB, where almost all major FB pages participated actively. This rap is an artistic support to that movement.

4. A Rape Is A Rape – Pranav Chaganty

When Pranav wanted people to SPEAK UP every single time when a rape is happening.

5. కళకలం -01 – Krishna Gaadi Leelalu

A Telugu Rap that explores that struggles and hardships of Farmers.

6. ఆడతనం, అ నుంచి అః వరకు – Pranav Chaganty

‘అ’ నుంచి ‘అః’ ల వరుసలోనే పదాలను సమకూర్చి రాసిన కవిత్వం ఇది. ప్రపంచంలోని ఆడవాళ్ళందరికీ అంకితం ఇస్తూ రాసుకున్న కవిత్వం.

7. Breathless Telangana – Goreti Venkanna

A song that highlights each district of Telangana and celebrates the culture and heritage of the place.

8. కళాకార్మికునికి “దాదా సాహెబ్ ఫాల్కే” – Pranav Chaganty

When the legendary K Viswanath Garu was awarded with prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award for his incredible contributions towards the Cinema.

9. Arupu – Roll Rida

This latest video sheds light on all small (yet big), unspoken problems that women in our society face.

If there are any more RAP songs that deal about social issues and we’ve missed, do let mention them in comments below.


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