10 Crazy World Records Our Telugu Folks Have Broken!

Were you never curious about what kinds of stuff our Telugu folk have pulled that actually made a mark in the world? We realized that there’s got to be some at least some interesting records that we created. And when did our curiosity ever fail to amaze?! We snooped around and found these really interesting things that our people did and made it into the Guinness Book of Records.  And are they interesting or what!
1. Largest Gathering of People Wearing Helmets:
By Madala Charitable Trust in Varni, Nizamabad.
And they form the trilcolor! Breaking records in style! Yay!

2. Most Jokes Told in an Hour:

Leave the making of jokes to a Telugu guy and he’ll break records! Also called Navvula Don, from Vishakapatnam, he made us all hilariously proud!

3. Longest Dosa

Shinjit Neogy, Daspalla, Hyderabad.  Ok, so they had a sponsor but still! It added a feather to our cap!

4. Largest Laddu:
Possibly the most delicious record. Achieved by Sri Bhaktanjaneya Sweets, Mandapet.

5. Largest Business Lesson:

Talk about boring lectures! Dr. S. L. Narayana from Karimnagar is probably the only one who was ever thanked for delivering a lecture, attended by a massive 2,222 participants!

6. Most Shoes Sorted in One Minute:
We don’t even know where to go with this. Krishna Kumar Pendem from Hyderabad was probably trolling the Guinness guy. He’s actually trying to get their attention for the longest stage acting but made this one by chance.


7. Most Consecutive One-Handed Claps:

Another troll! Pabba Soujanya from Nizamabad… Please tell us how it’s done!

8. Fastest Time to Type Using the Nose:

Ok, this one we know! We wrote about this guy here!
9. Most Round House Kicks in One Minute (Male):

So much badassery! We are so proud of this guy, Jayanth from Hyderabad.

10. Baahubali recently set the record for the largest poster with an area of 51,598.21 square feet(the size of around 18 Tennis courts), achieved by Global United Media Company Pvt Ltd in Kochi. It’s not a Telugu company, but it’s a Telugu film!
We can’t wait to see what else will come up in our kitty!

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