10 Telugu Movies That Are So Good They Demand A Sequel!

1. Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari
We start off with the most obvious one. This cult flick is bound get a sequel sooner are later. The reasons are pretty obvious. The heir apparent of the Mega Star is reigning the box offices lately and is well set to carry the legacy of his father. And with Raghavendra Rao and Aswini Dutt keen to make a sequel too, it’s only a matter of time before they find an equal exceptional talent as the former to direct this much awaited sequel.
2. Kshana Kshanam
Set 25 years after the events in Kshana Kshanam, a sequel to this flick might just get us our very own ‘Before series’. The chances of this sequel highly depends on the time it takes for the former film maker to return to his senses.
kshanam kshanam


3. Aditya 369
We aren’t taking any chances with the story for the sequel to this epic flick. But, with the present scientific advancements, a script with a Time Machine at its core and stars at its heart might well do wonders at the box office.
4. Gudachaari 116
This might be an old flick. But it gives you every reason to get a sequel done. You already have the son of the Super Star in his prime and ramping up the legacy of his father. And you can just bet he will make the audience swoon in the shoes of a detective.
5. Hello Brother
We are talking about making sequel to a film that will shine in the filmography of the Yuva Samrat. But the real problem isn’t making the sequel. It’s in choosing from the two worthy successors to do it.
6. Pedarayudu
Pedarayudu isn’t just a film. It’s more of a legacy. We do have the leading man still doing great in the world of cinema. So chances are he can repeat the magic. The only search for the sequel to happen will be for the man helming the director’s chair.
7. Khadgam
Khadgam was all about the pride of being an Indian and living as one, irrespective of your religion and culture. And it’s time the patriotism hit the screens once again. Krishnavamsi can surprise you any given day and let’s just hope he does that with this sequel.
8. Tagore
Tagore meant business for all the corrupt in 2003. But with corruption dwelling in the private sectors too, it’s high time we need to stir fear in the corrupt. And what’s more? Ram Charan proved he can handle one such character with all might in Nayak. So we might just say the chances are still ripe.
9. Pokiri
The star wants it. The director wants it. The fans want it. The audience want it. In fact, the whole industry wishes it happens. And it will. Let’s just hope that the flick that set the box office on fire will happen to get a worthy sequel from the same blockbuster director-actor duo.
10. Eega
In 2012 we were introduced to the mayhem a house fly can do, by the master himself. And we, with all heart, urge for more. The master even hinted a sequel at the end of the first flick. We hope both the magic and the mayhem repeat again.

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