12 Telugu Movies That Taught Us Important Moral Lessons!


A good movie manages to entertain, whereas a great movie both entertains and inspires the audience. Here is a short list of few such movies, which successfully did both, in my opinion.


1. Aa Naluguru: A movie that asks you to be a decent human being. There are many movies with this moral, but what makes this movie unique is the way it’s handled. A good man dies and the whole community comes together to respect his departure. Isn’t that what everybody strives for? To be remembered fondly after you are gone.

Moral: The movie shows that there are no shortcuts to be an unforgettable person except for kindness and humanity.



2. Vedham: We are all flawed and we all make mistakes, big or small. Seeking redemption is what separates us from the rest. A thief, a budding rock star, and a prostitute come together in an act of extreme bravery. Krish treats every character with love and compassion, and maybe that is why we don’t hesitate connecting with a thief or a prostitute or a kind eunuch.

Moral: Given a worthy purpose, every individual is capable of achieving greatness.



3. Srimanthudu: I know. How is it respectable to use your father’s money for charity, right? Wrong. Don’t we all inherit our parents’ property and money? Are we all ready to leave the luxury of an air-conditioned home and live someplace barren? No. A man who couldn’t connect with his capitalistic surroundings lets a woman take him on a bigger journey.

Moral: In the age and time of urbanization, it is really important to trace our roots and take care of them.



4. Leader: How can we not like anything that is made by a man with childlike laughter? That said this movie is no child’s play. It was highly controversial because of the circumstances and inevitable references to reality. Nonetheless, it manages to depict what a politician, even an honest one, has to do to keep his position. Other than the obvious moral, it shows how corruption affects even the best of us.

Moral: With Suman’s character giving into the pressure around him and Rana’s character not budging, it shows that a strong character is a must for a politician.



5. Mithunam: An unprecedented gem with a plotline so inevitable, old age. A movie with great ambiance and greater performances shows the important of companionship. One cannot help but fall in love with this couple that gives many relationship tips without sounding preachy.

Moral: Love feels natural enough when it’s new, but what happens when you are both old and burdened with age and harsh experiences?

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6. Sagara Sangamam: How can any list be complete without a movie from the great Vishwanadh Garu? If Kamal Hassan’s depiction of a troubled dancer and Jaya Pradha’s embodiment of a woman who is stuck between her own feelings and societal pressures are not reasons enough to keep this movie close to your heart, then nothing else will be. No movie does justice to the relationship between an artist and his art like this movie.

Moral: Art as a way of life. Art as a way to love.



7. Swayamkrushi: The name says it all, does it not? We are all born as equals, but not economically. The protagonist does not let that unfairness stop him and achieves financial success. But that is not what’s inspiring. What is inspiring is the way he handles success and still manages to stay true to his real self.

Moral: Real success is in managing to stay grounded even after sprouting new wings.



8. Yevade Subhramanyam: A movie, in the recent times, that is sensible and needed. Having business acumen is great, but turning everything into a business is not. There are people that help you achieve financial success and people that help you be yourself. The movie teaches that it’s important to never let go off people who help us be our best selves.

Moral: The journey towards contentment, or nirvana, if you may, is a soulful quest, with self-actualization being the key.



9. Prasthanam: Even a small kid knows that politics and the lives of politicians are shady. But what we know is just the tip of the iceberg and you’ll understand that after watching this movie. Highly realistic and intense, the movie takes you on a journey with lots of twists and dark alleys. What it does best, though, is showing how greed and guilt can end a man’s life as well as a gun.

Moral: You reap what you sow.



10. Gamyam: What happens when a bubbled, rich guy takes to the road searching for his love? What happens when a man of the earth who also happens to be a silly thief accompanies him? A life-changing journey. Throughout the movie, Sharwanandh’s character experiences events that question his lifestyle and worldview. In the end, he becomes a better and deserving man with the help of the people he met through his journey.

Moral: The journey is more important than the destination.



11. Onamalu: There is no question that globalization helped our country with jobs and easy access, but there is also a negative side. The movie deals with just this in a way noble way. Surprised by the changes in his village, the protagonist takes up the task of introducing culture back into their lives. What he does after than and how is inspiring.

Moral: Be modern but not by disowning culture.



12. Ankuram: Revathy is arguably one of the best actresses in Indian Cinema; watch Margarita with a straw if you don’t believe me. The movie with this amazing song ‘Yevaro okaru’ by Sirivennela, is an important milestone for female-oriented movies. The struggle of a newly married woman who tries to do the right thing sends an empowering message not just to women.

Moral: Citizens with rights also have the responsibility to speak against injustices.



I am sure I missed many great movies. So, let us know which movie made you both laugh and think.


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