Meet The 2 Two Rocking Moto Vloggers From Telugu States, Sriman Kotaru & Bayya Sunny Yadav,


Ee article ni manam oka basic question tho start chedham. Assalu Moto vloggers ante evaru? A Moto vlogger is someone who records a video while riding a motorcycle or any motorized vehicle ?️
Maximum andharu valla helmets ki cameras ni attach chesi vlogs chesthuntaru. Manalo chala mandhiki idhi koncham kotha concept, kani mana Telugu states nunchi iddharu Moto vloggers unaru. Sriman Kotaru and Bayya Sunny Yadav. Iroju vallidharu gurinchi telskundham.
Note: This article is exclusively written on moto vloggers, not on bike reviewers, travellers, etc.


1. Bayya Sunny Yadav
Bayya Sunny Yadav home town Nuthankal, Suryapet and athani age 23 years mathrame. He started moto vlogging at a very young age of 21. Sunny vlogs completely Telugu lo untay. So, viewers ki full-fledged Telugu content andhisthunadu.
Moto vlogs anesarki andharu English/Hindi lone matladtharu, Telugu lo content endhuku cheyakudadhu ane idea tho September 2017 lo ee vlogging start chesadu.

Initial ga Telugu lo motovlogs evaru chudaru ani chala mandhi criticize chesaru. Andharu anatte, starting lo views, subscribers assalu ochevaru kadhu. Kani thanu chesina South India trip videos nunchi support perigindhi ani chepthunadu Sunny. Appatinunchi inka venakki tirigi chudaledhu, rides chesthune unnadu and now he has 2 lakh subscribers on YouTube.


21 days lo Ladakh trip complete chesaru, covering a total distance of 7400Kms. Prasthuthaniki trip/ride finances motham thane chuskuntunadu. And he is looking for sponsors.
Family support valle idantha sadhyam ani chepthunadu Sunny. Free time lo Kabaddi adthuntadu. KTM Adventure 790R tiskundham ani plan chesthunadu.
Dream ride: Hyderabad – London bike ride
YouTube: BayyaSunnyYadav
Instagram: bayyasunnyyadav
Contact: 9666976111


2. Sriman Kotaru
Sriman Kotaru is from Hyderabad. He started moto vlogging from 2017. Sriman okappudu manalo chala mandhi laga 9-6 corporate job chesaru. Kani system mundhu 8 hours kurchuni work cheyadam kakunda thanu chudalsina places, cheyalsina panulu chala unay ani oka roju realise ayyaru. Right from childhood, he liked clicking pictures/videos and always interested in automotive, mechanical stuff.


So, 2017 nunchi thanaki nachina ee renditini kalipi motovlogs cheyadam start chesaru. From then, he has a crazy journey. Kanyakumari nunchi Ladakh varku enno rides chesaru. Next trip is to Sikkim (mostly? ). Now, he has 2.1 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Most of his videos are in English.
Initial ga thana expenses athane chuskunevadu, but now he is getting many sponsors these days. Sampadinchina dhani lo 30-40% save cheskogaligithe anni perfect ga plan cheskovachu anedhi Sriman nammakam.
Vlogging, rides kakunda Sriman valla family business chuskuntaru. And free time lo movies chudatam, A R Rehman & Linkin park music vintu untaru.
Dream ride: Nothing specific, going with the flow.
YouTube: SrimanKotaru
Instagram: srimankotaru


Basic ga villidharki Bikes ante pichi, passion, life ?️?️ Jump into their YouTube channels to know more about them and their biking gear! Wishing both of them all the best and a bunch of safe journeys ahead. Keep rocking and keep inspiring guys!
Do let me know if there are any such bikers @saradasunil.


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