This Telugu IT Guy’s Organic Milk Production Setup Is A Great Way To Combine Tech & Agriculture!


Prepare your minds to be blown hard. Here’s the story of Kotesh Mukkamala, an IT professional based in Saratoga (California), and his own dairy farm ‘Organics Diary’ here in Hyderabad.

No surprise here: the farm is pretty large!
Spread over 9 acres, this farm hosts 70 cows and 80 buffaloes.


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The farm’s self-sufficiency is a striking point
8 acres out of the 9 are specially allocated just for the animal fodder recommended by NC Ranga University! To grow the fodder, only ground water and rain water are used, unlike in cities where drainage water containing synthetic waste is used.


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The food for the animals is a carefully devised mix of fodder and proteins.


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Some facts about the actual product: milk
Kotesh’s Organics Dairy currently services about 300 plus customers supplying 500 plus litres a day. This massive supply is based on the increasingly growing demand for organic food in cities nowadays.


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Milk is delivered within 2 hours of the actual milking process, and the best part is that it does not undergo any processing. Talk about healthy food!


Integration of information technology into farming!
This will draw a lot of eyeballs. Mr. Mukkamala said that the farm has established data points and captures mechanisms at various levels like recording milk production patterns during different months, patterns of cattle coming in to heat during different seasons, onset of diseases and they are effectively tackled. Now this is a real-life application of IT!


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The future?
The upcoming goals of Mr. Mukkamala’s farm lie in the intersection of data technology and breeding. He wishes to supply quality semen doses at optimal pricing to the farmers and help improve the average yield of animals across the country by at least 20% in the next 5 years. This would help make quality milk affordable and available to the poorest of the poor. The plan would encompass training the farmers on the best practices.


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As The Hindu puts it, ‘Just like his love for IT profession, his passion for organic milk is unadulterated. He doesn’t want to milk profits from his supply, but purely believes in maintaining the purity of nature’s gift to mankind.’ Take the Chai Bisket bow, Kotesh!

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