What If…. Craze Of Our Tollywood Heroes Were Compared To Craze Of Our Cricketers!


Written by Varun


Two of the greatest passions of an average Indian at least for the last three decades have been cricket and cinema whether it’s watching, following, discussing and debating the cricket matches or films with strong opinions about the stars of both fields.

Sachin – Chiru
Both are synonyms for hard work & great Inspiration for young stars.



Sehwag – Venkatesh
Down to earth, Both have good sense of humour & loved by everyone.



Dhoni – Pawan kalyan
Their actions speaks louder than their words. Strong fan base.



Virat Kohli -Mahesh Babu
Both have huge female following besides male fans. Shows good intense in action in their respective fields.



Yuvraj Singh – Prabhas
Both are most friendly with fellow mates. Both are all rounders having both mass and class fans.



Rohit sharma – Nani
Rohit -A natural stroke maker & Nani- Natural star. Both are young and highly talented. Both are next biggies in their fields.



Ganguly – Jr.Ntr
Both are aggressive both on and off the field. Both have cult following, quick learners, mentally strong.



Raina – Sharwanand
Started young, had a lot of expectations to become a great in their respective formats.



Rahane – Allu arjun
Both have very good foot work, technique and temperament in their respective fields.



Gambhir – Ravi Teja
Both are proved themselves but now it’s struggling time for both of them. Their fans hope that they will prove themselves again.



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