Here Are The Experiences Of Our Telugu Doctor In America About CORONA


Yes ..none of us can definitely say that God exists, but there is always a brave, skillful, caring Doctor. No matter how bad and serious our lives are, the very first person that comes to our mind is a doctor, well dressed with an apron and a stethoscope that describes his professionalism, and an amiable smile which ultimately relieves us a bit from all the fear that we have in our mind. And one among those persons to whom we should always be thankful is Dr.Madhu Garu, a native of Andhra Pradesh who have been serving as a nephrologist in America for the past 20 years. Inspite of the worsening situation over there, Dr.Madhu Garu is going ahead bravely with his services. He made us know about the prevailing conditions regarding his colleague doctors, nurses and the services being provided in the hospital where he has been working which was really grateful.


My life for the last 3 weeks at this hospital has been so busy you wouldn’t believe. As frontline workers we are fighting against an invisible enemy and yet so little is known how to kill this beast and protect ourselves. Fortunately the hospital system is helping to secure protective gear from the beginning.


As an essential worker, I can control what I can, but at the end of the day, me and my colleagues are at high risk of acquiring this infection somehow or other. Everyone is doing their best, I have seen so much of compassion from doctors, nurses and the allied staff. I am so much worried about my dialysis nurses who have to stay at bed side of the infected patient for at least three hours. One of the nurses worked an entire day. They work on an average at least twice their shift time without complaining. I would touch their feet and say thank you, once this calamity ends.


96 percent of the health care workers are either anxious or depressed due to this Pandemic.
So go ahead and clap and cheer us, we need that right now. We need to stop this spread. Everyone has to be responsible by maintaining social distancing and follow the state mandate of staying home for a few more days, but if you have to come out wear mask, gloves and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or even better take a shower.


Hoping for the best in coming back to world I love where there is so much of hugs and kisses and not fearful of your fellow human being. I want to say my prayers to the living gods, the health care workers, police, fire and all essential service personnel who risk their life for all of us.


Eat healthy by avoiding any processed foods or sugary snacks and drinks. Exercise daily with Pranayama (breathing exercises to increase your lung capacity). Chant if you can loudly, that will increase your lung capacity.


A big thanks to those volunteers and small restaurant owners who give food on daily basis.
I only hope that the government or a non profit agency will give 4-5 times the annual salary to those who sacrificed their life fighting COVID19.

God bless us all.


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