12 Telugu Books That You Just Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Telugu culture has been known and appreciated immensely for its literature and its indulgence in the same. We love stories, we love art and we love literature. And there have been some incredible books that emerged since ages past to feed this love of ours. This is a list of Telugu books Chai Bisket compiled that we think no one should miss out on reading.
Also if you do not know how to read Telugu yet, you need to start learning because who else will?!
Take a look at these masterpieces!
Kanyasulkam: A revolutionary play written way back in the 19th century by Gurajada Apparao, bashing the evils of some social traditions. It is worth reading for its imagery and ingenuity of presentation such that it reaches the masses.
Chai Bisket Kanyasulkam
Barrister Paarvateesam: Adventures of a man who reaches England to become a Barrister in order to redeem himself of insults. This book is a post colonial satire and you must probably know this one from the textbooks of 10th class.
Chai Bisket BP
Kasi Majili Kathalu: These short stories are known for their wit and fantasy it involves. They were so full of action that four of these stories were actually developed into feature films in the fantasy genre. Ever heard of Paathala Bhairavi and Gulebakavali Katha?
Chai Bisket KMK
Vennello Aadapilla: This is considered as the pinnacle of romance in the pre-mobile era written by Yendamuri Veerendranath. With a gripping story line and subtle innocent romance, Vennello Aadapilla is a must-read.
Chai Bisket Vennello
Budugu: Written in the point of view of a child, Budugu is indeed in our opinion a literary marvel. Creating a whole new world, this book makes you smile despite yourself.
Chai Bisket budugu
Amaravathi Kathalu: Initially published as short stories in Andhrajyothi, the stories were later compiled in the form of a book. These stories are work of imagination and fiction, and they are inspired by incidents and folk stories related to Amaravathi.
Chai Bisket Amaravati
Ma Pasalapudi Kathalu: 72 stories written in the backdrop of Toorpu Godavari Jilla, Ma Pasalapudi Kathalu is one of Vamsee’s best works. Lively stories that moved the readers is what this book is known for.
Chai Bisket MPK
Veyi Padagalu: An epic novel written by “Kavi Saamraat” Viswanatha Satyanarayana. It has been incredibly appreciated critically and is considered a classic. All this, and to know that this 999 page book was written in just 29 days! Incredible!
Chai Bisket Veyi Padagalu
Amritam Kurisina Ratri: Written by a powerful social writer of the time, Devarakonda BalaGangadhar Tilak, this compilation of poems critiques the evils of the society as observed by him.
Chai Bisket 5
Tilak Kathalu: Collection of short stories written by Tilak again, that spoke with an insight on people as people. He was known to be an incredibly original and sharp writer.
Chai Bisket Tilak Kathalu
Tulasi Dalam: A controversial yet popular book, this one is a thriller that speaks of witchcraft. Also is the inspiration for the movie, Kaashmora. First published as a serial in Andhra Jyothi, the book too claimed tremendous acclaim.
Chai Bisket Tulasi Dalam
Maha Prasthanam: Does this one even need an introduction?
Chai Bisket Maha Prasthanam
Tell us the Telugu books that you think everyone should read!

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