12 Mainstream Telugu Movies That Portrayed Telangana Authentically


Telugu movies lo ‘Telangana role’ anagane mana mind loki evaro oka famous comedian role gurthochesi untadi. But ala kakunda, Telangana ni, akkada people ni, culture ni, dialect ni, vibe ni capture chestu.. Authentic ga thesina Mainstream Telugu Movies em em unnayoo chudhamm..

P.S: The list is in the ‘latest to oldest movies’ order.


1. Falaknuma Das, 2019

The latest addition in this list is one of the best odes to the old city and its undying vibe. As Vishwak Sen, the actor-director of the film said, ‘Anni cinema la lo Old city ante, Charminar chupistaru, Nen na cinema lo adhi thappa anni chupincha‘. As simple as that.


2. Mithai, 2019

Asal ee cinema gurinchi emanna discuss chedham ante, not many people have watched the film in the first place. But when a movie has two Telangana actors (Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi) in the lead, it definitely falls under ‘Telangana portrayed right’ category.


3. Fidaa, 2018

Telangana is NOT just about Hyderabad, ani arichi cheppina movie. Banswada, ani ekkuva mandiki theliyani oka village backdrop theeskoni.. Heroine tho authenticity kosam own dubbing cheppincharu ante, That’s absolutely genius of Sekhar Kammula.


4. Arjun Reddy, 2018

Recent times lo one of the most widespread, viral, mainstream movie, where the characters act and talk in Telangana. It’s the people who tell the authentic stories, Sandeep Vanga is from Warangal, So he knows how Telangana people behave and talk. Authencity FTW ! (FOR THE WIN!)


5. Pelli Choopulu, 2016

If you observe, all of the movies in the list, till now.. They’re all new-age movies made by new-age directors. They are representing their culture & people beautifully. This is what we need in Tollywood, Diversity. Tharun’s later film ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi‘ is also a good representation Telagana dialect and people.


6. Rudhramadevi, 2015

The film itself is about a warrior-queen from Kakatiya dynasty (Present day Warangal). Allu Arjun plays Gona Ganna Reddy, A soldier of Telangana who fought for Rani Rudrama Devi from Vardhamaanapuram. Point to be noted: Though Allu Arjun is not from Telangana, in real life, He did a pretty great job in the movie.


7. Life Is Beautiful, 2012

Yet another Sekhar Kammula film in the list.. Andhra people come to Hyderabad, they explore the city, The rich, And the middle class. This man made mainstream Telugu movies, with new comers, who speak in Telangana dialect. I think it’s not just about the language, its about the people, their stories, where they stay (Gold Phase, B phase), all of these things are from real life.


8. Rajanna, 2011

I think not many people have watched this film, But this film, set in post-independent India has that authentic folklore, style.


9. Vedam, 2010

Obviously not the entire film & not all the characters speak Telangana. But in this anthology, Cable Raju, played by Allu Arjun, Raheemuddin played by Manoj Bajpayee are two beautiful written roles. One explores the Bastis’ and Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad, While one is badly accused of terrorism. We can never get ove this movie, and these characters.


10. King, 2008

Ippudante new-age filmmakers ochi, subject based, story based films theestunnaru kani, Appatlo, ochina commercial movies lo kodho, goppo, Telangana vibe ni capture chestu teesaru.


11. Okkadu, 2003

Mana generation ki gurtunna movies lo one of the first movies, that reflected and showcased Telangana in an unforgettable way. Baahubali kante, 15 years back ye, Gunasekhar ane director, pedha pedha film sets veyinchi, ah place gurinchi manchi dialogues kuda rasaru ante, achievement ane cheppali.


12. Osey Ramulamma, 1997

Okkadu tho actually ee list end cheseyochu. But it’d be injustice to not to include this cult, revolutionary film in the list. The OG film that brought out the Telangana vibe into the movies.


Enti anthe na..‘ anukuntunnaraa.. Inka chaala untayi, like Sye, Shankar Dada MBBS, But veetilo lead actors are not from Telangana/ Or they don’t speak Telngana dialect. So, naaku right now, impact iche laga, mind loki ivi gurthochai. Meeku inkemanna Telangana ni Authentic ga, right ga portray chesina movies gurtosthe comments lo cheppandi.


While these are just Mainstream Telugu Movies, There are plenty of other films that have portrayed Telangana Authentically too. Like R Narayana Murthy gaari movies, Jai Bolo Telangana, Hyderabadi movies like, The Angrez, Hyderabad Nawabs, Tharun Bhascker’s short film Sainma and a lot of other great regional, short and smaller movies.

We’d love to see more of such movies where Telangana characters are not just used for comedy and where the movies capture the soul and vibe of Asli Telangana.


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