Telangana Beats Rest Of The States In The Country In Terms Of Digital Transactions!


With the various measures taking by Government of Telangana to promote e-Transactions in the period of two months of demonetization puts Telangana on the top in the country with the highest number of e-Transactions beating Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerala.

Telangana recorded 10.2 crore worth of digital transactions during the last two months which puts the state in the first position in terms of total transactions in the country which is the highest. The share of digital economy in the state reached 4.5% of the gross state domestic product.

Telangana also stood number one in per capita transactions with 2,804 transactions per 1,000 people. The surge in e-transactions will help the state recover from the ill-effects of the shortage of the cash.

Earlier, Govt of Telangana had come up with a unique experiment of buying vegetables in local markets through non-cashl and it also has the first cashless village in South India. All these efforts of making cashless Telangana makes it number one in India.




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