Meet Telangana IAS Who Raised Water Table By 6 Meters In 3 Years, Solution Added To Textbooks

According to a survey, 2030 varaku mana India lo 40% population ki drinking water access undavu ani oka report chepindi, 21 cities in India including Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad ground water levels thakuva undadam valla effect avthai, ila water levels thakuva undadam valla drinking water needs ke kakunda, agriculture and industries kuda chala loss and effect avthai..

Ground water levels ni penchadam kosam government and inka chala platforms different schemes tho try chesthu undaga, Telangana district collector Devarakonda Krishna Bhaskar garu chesi chupinchi success ayaru, increased the water levels by six meters..

Drought prone and semi drought prone areas..

Telangana lo Rajanna Siricilla district ki first collector ga Krishna garu appoint ayaru, general ga ikkada water scarcity ekkuvaga untadi, dhadapu district lo anni mandalalu drought prone and semi drought prone category areas lo label ayayi, intha water scarcity unna areas lo summer lo aythe inka kastam ga untundi..

Effective implementation of government schemes..

District lo water scarcity ika never ending issue ani thelusukoni, ground water levels ni penchadaniki district administrator smart and innovative approach tho government schemes ni effective ga implement chesindi..

Krishna garu said that, “Hundreds of grievances were filed for the demand of water tankers for supply, RO (reverse osmosis) plants for construction and overhead water storage reservoir sanctions. To tackle the water scarcity, many initiatives were launched on priority,

Tanks ni upgrade cheyadam nunchi piped water systems veyadam dhaka, land acquisition of reservoirs, desiltation of water storage bodies, digging trenches and building capacity for water storage.. ila district adminstration water bodies kosam chalane initiatives thiskunnaru..

Past 3 years nunchi, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) la konni government schemes ni implement chesthu, reservoirs ni create cheyadam chesthu process lo step by step mundhuku vellaru..

The Sri Rajarajeswara Reservoir.

Sri Rajarajeswara Reservoir project legal issues valla around oka decade nunchi stuck ayindi, IAS officer Krishna gari initiative thone malli operation ki start ayindi.

The Sri Rajarajeswara Reservoir with a capacity of 27 TMC (thousand million cubic feet). In the process, it became the biggest reservoir in the state.

One and half year lo ee project complete chesaka, parallel ga operation of Annapurna reservoir kuda start chesaru.

Upper Manair reservoir nunchi small water bodies, ponds and water tanks ni revive and fill cheyadam valla local population ku chala use and sustain ayaru, vaatilo konni water bodies aythe decade tharvatha revive ayi ippudu local communities maintain chesthunnaru, District motham lo around 699 water tanks ni identify chesi dhantlo 450 tanks varaku revive chesaru…

“A unique initiative called Gudi Cheruvu was undertaken which involved acquiring land to increase water capacity of tanks inside the temples and reduce water scarcity at the local level,” Krishna garu says..

Ila anni levels lo multiple approaches tho district loni ground water levels 12 to 18 months lo 6 meters varaku perigayi, The figures are confirmed and documented by the groundwater survey authorities.

Ground water levels peragadam tho district loni agriculture activities 150% varaku increase ayayi. It has been a gradual rise but steady.

Ila continues ga 3 years nunchi water management practices cheyadam tho government of India nunchi recognition vachi, the premier training institute for government servants in the country, The Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, vallu details and process annitini note cheskoni valla curriculam lo include chesaru..

Krishna garu says that success was made possible only by prioritising the responsibilities and addressing them effectively.

Implement chesina initiatives anni government system lo already unnave, kothaga district ayinapudu administration medha chala pressure unde, situation thaggatu em cheyalo correct ga prioritize cheskoni ground level lo vaatini effective ga implement chesthane results vasthai annaru…

There is always the temptation to try many things at once. “But it is important to realise priorities and focus on them accordingly to reap the benefits,” Krishna garu says..


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