84 Tiles In 84 Seconds: This 13 Year Old Hyderabadi ‘Breaks’ A World Record

Mana Telangana ammayi karate lo kotha record create chesindandoi, alanti ilanti mamul record kadhu andi 13 years age lone ekanga World Guinness record ni create chesi mana andharni inspire chesindi..

84 Tiles in 84 Seconds:

Hyderabad lo untunna Gana Santhoshinee Reddy 3 years age nunche professional karate nerchukuntundi, Black belt holder kuda, recent ga 84 ceramic tiles ni just 84 seconds lo ne break chesi World Guinness record ni create chesindi.

Specific ga ee 84 tiles in 84 seconds enti andi anukovachu but dhani venuka oka cute little reason undi, mana Telangana state June 2, 2014 lo form ayindi, appatinunchi ippati varaku mana formation ki 84 months complete cheskunnam, so ala mana Telangana state medha istam tho June 2nd 2021 ki 84 months ki 84 tiles ni 84 seconds ki complete cheskuni record set chesindi..

Practiced for about 5 to 6 months

Santhoshinee said that.. “Naa childhood nunche naaku Karate ante chala istam, women empowerment and self defense kosam Karate entho use avthundi ani maa parents naaku support chesi encourage chesaru, 84 seconds lo tiles ni break cheyali ani nenu decide ayi around 5 to 6 months kasta paddanu, training lo chala sarlu hand and fingers ki injuries kuda ayayi, finally 84 tiles ni 84 seconds lo break chesi record sadinchanu “

Holds several other records

Santhoshinee ki inthaku mundhu kuda chala records unnai, dhantlo okati world record kuda undi, highest number of head rotations from side to side (left to right and right to left) which she finished in 39 minutes in 2012.

39 minutes lo side to side 3,315 rotations chesi 2012 lo thana first record sadinchindi, malli 2013 lo single performance lo karate, yoga and mixing dance chesthu Bala Surya award kuda win ayindi.

Father is her coach.

Thanaki karate training ichedi evaro kadhu valla father Dr. G S Gopal Reddy garu. He is a Karate master and runs a Karate academy in Hyderabad. Father guidance lone Santhoshinee Karate lo pro avthu records ni create chesthundi, thanu ilane inka international championships kuda win avthu parallel ga chaduvuthu IAS officer ayi people ki serve cheyali anukuntundi..

Santhoshinee father and trainer Dr. G S Gopal Reddy garu said that..

Naaku maa idhari daughters ni chusthunte chala happy ga undi, ippati varaku vallu chala awards and records ni achieve chesaru, women ki Karate vallu chala uses unnai, It is very important that women do this as I believe that Karate is all about building self confidence in a person and especially in women. They must be confident enough and must be able to defend themselves at any position.

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