Move Over IPL, Because Telangana Cricket League Is Here!

We all have had enough of IPL and CCL; now there’s something more interesting in offering. Telangana Cricket League (TCL) is a new initiative by cricket enthusiasts in order to encourage local talent. TCL is not a part of either the BCCI or the HCA, but we hope it gives the much needed boost to budding cricketers from the districts. And on our part, we decided to be of help by making the logos for the tentative TPL teams. How thoughtful of us!

Logo Design: Pradeep Mudiraj


1. From the deepest forests of Narsapur, we have… 


2. From the blazing roads of Nalgonda, we have…


3. From the cantonments of Secunderabad, we have…07

4. From the Kakatiya Fort of Stambhadri Hills, we have… 06

5. From the jungles of Kawal, we have…05

6. From the fiery monsoon clouds over Rukkammapet, we have…04

7. From the mighty armies of the Satavahana kings, we have…03

8. From the wilderness of Ananthagiri, we have…02

8. And finally, from the streets that the Nizam once ruled over, we have…01


So which team are you gonna be cheering for? Show your support in the comments!

P.S: Don’t you worry, Andhra brothers. APL is striking soon!

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