Telanagana Soon To Have Its Very Own, Homegrown Hybrid Apples And All Thanks This One Man!


Fruits like Banana, Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, and Orange are grown and are abundantly available in Telugu states. But Apple is one such fruit that is not grown here but always is high on demand in not just Telugu states but everywhere. This simple statistic proves the demand for the fruit Apple. Regardless of price, and what season it is, Apples are always sold and are in demand everywhere. The good news, Telangana is soon going to cultivate and produce Apples right here.


How did Apples Reach Telangana?

Krishna Reddy, A farmer from Jadcherla, Mahbubnagar loves to keep experimenting with vegetables and fruits. And he has a habit an observing the lands and fields of places where ever he is visiting. And just like this, while he was in Thailand to meet some of the friends, he observed there some farmers producing a hybrid fruit which is cross-breed of both Apple and Ber (Jujube). And he later realized that this cross-breed is not only grown in Thailand but also in Bangladesh and in some parts of Maharashtra. And he thought that he should definitely give it a try in Telangana because of the suitable climate conditions over here. And he tried, got succeeded, and took this discussion ahead to the Government of Telangana. After his proposal, the government has said that this would surely help the farmers of Telangana and will bring huge benefits to them.


Estimated 20,00,000 profit from just 20,000 Investment:

The government is importing plant samples with a cost 22 rupees each from Kolkata and giving it away to the farmers here. And is planning to expand this cultivation up to 1000 acres. The investment for every 1 acre would be 20,000 rupees. Of which 7000 (35%) would be given as subsidy by the government.


100-Year-Old Life:

This Apple Ber is an extremely hybrid combination, which is very strong in nature, and would withstand almost any climatic condition.

From now on, Telangana won’t be just remembered as Charminar, IT sector and Golkonda but also for our very own homegrown Telangana Apples.


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