Did You Know What These Foods Are Called, In Telangana And In Andhra??

We at Chai Bisket love food. While not thinking of something to write about, we’re busy fighting for that last spoon of Icecream or the extra Avakay that someone has brought. Bisket Vidya goes into a murderous rage if she doesn’t get her share, sometimes. That’s for another article though…

So during one of our thindi sessions, we ended up discussing what various Telugu foods are called, in both the Telugu states. We came up with quite a few. Check them out!

(Left side unna peru Telangana lo, right side unna peru Andhra lo vadtharu. Adi matteru.)




Chai Bisket bobatlu

chai bisket majjiga pulusu

Chai Bisket Sakinalu



Chai Bisket borgulu
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