We Bet You Won’t Believe These Photographs Are Of Places In TS & AP!

Aren’t we always in search of new places to visit; new places to stare in awe; new places to make us see the beauty of nature and travel; and more often than not don’t we search for places all around the world to achieve this? While we are at it, we do indeed miss out the beauties of our own backyard. These pictures clicked by Arif M Saleem, in various places of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will blow you away. We certainly felt like packing up and taking a trip through our home states. Take a look at the beauty captured by him.
Palasa, Srikakulam District
Chai Bisket 1

Rajahmundry Bridge

Chai Bisket 2
Ramappa Temple, Warangal
Chai Bisket 3

Rampachodavaram, East Godavari
Chai Bisket 4
Madipadu, Guntur
Chai Bisket 6
Chai Bisket 7
It’s our Tank Bund!
Chai Bisket 18
Not some castle in Ireland, This is Bhongir Fort.
Chai Bisket 8
Here’s the view from the top of the fort!
Chai Bisket 9
Barejolla, Visakhapatnam District.
Chai Bisket 10
Chai Bisket 11
Ahobilam, Kurnool
Chai Bisket 12
Chai Bisket 13
Gayatri Waterfalls, Adilabad
Chai Bisket 14
Kanakai Waterfalls, Adilabad
Chai Bisket 15
Laknavaram Lake, Warangal
Laknavaram Lake, Telangana (2)
Anantagiri, Ranga Reddy
Chai Bisket 17

Time to plan that road trip you always wanted to do!

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