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Memu chepindi meeru pandinchandi… Kone puchi maadhi…

Ila chesthe pandinche manam, kone vallu… idharu benefit avtharu, Telangana lo raithu lu nasta povadhu ane udhesam thone government ee regulatory agriculture cultivation decision thiskundi, market lo unna demand ni batti government eh raithulaki edhi pandichalo suggest chesthadi ani, and dhini gurinchi officials tho May 15th na matladi inka decision thiskuntaru, ee rainy season nunche ee process annitini start chesthunnaru kuda, dhini gurinchi Telangana cmo office vallu full details release chesaru, ippudu manam ee article through thelusukundam…


“The main reason why farmers are not getting competitive price for their produce is cultivating the same crops. I have not been saying that farmers should go in for the crops that have demand in market now. I have been saying this when I was a transport minister 20 years back. I have told PM Sri Narendra Modi and then Agriculture Minister Sri Radha Mohan Singh on Crops pattern, Crop Colonies on many occasions several times. There is no option left than this. The practice of everyone cultivating the same crops should go way,” the CM remarked.


“Nobody in the market buy the crops cultivated by farmers according their wishes and fancies. One should cultivate crops, which have demand in the market. Produce the commodities that will sell. The government is taking the responsibility and suggesting farmers what to cultivate for better profit. The government is giving such crops the Minimum Support price. When the government is taking such an initiative why should farmers think the other way? There should be a qualitative change in farmers thinking. Constructive changes should take place,” CM Sri KCR said.


Change begins with paddy:

It was decided at the review meeting held on Tuesday that paddy should be cultivate in a regulatory manner beginning with this Monsoon season. It was decided that paddy would be cultivated in the state in 50 lakh acres. In this both fine and coarse varieties should be there. It was decided to cultivate Telangana Sona variety in 10 lakh acres. The government will soon announce what crops should be cultivate in which areas and to what extent? It was also decided to offer Rythu bandhu benefits to the farmers who cultivate crops as directed by the state and their produce would get the MSP. It was also decided to cultivate Cotton in 50 Lakh acres and Redgram in 10 lakh acres. The officials will soon announce which crops should be cultivated in which area and to what extent?

The government has also decided to grow vegetables in the farmland, which are nearer to the urban areas. The government will also suggest to farmers which vegetable variety should be grown in which area and to what extent?


Seed regulatory Authority form:

The government has decided to set up newly Seed regulatory Authority in the State. Since it was decided that crops as identified by the government would be cultivated, seeds of the crops identified by the government henceforth would be sold. Clear-cut instructions in this regard will be given to Seed Producing organisations and traders. The Seed regulatory Authority will ensure that only seeds of the crops identified by the government are sold. If need be, the government has decided to being changes in the Seed Act. The CM decided to have an exclusive meeting with the representatives of Seed companies.


Deterrent action against spurious and fake ones:

• The state government has decided to act stringently against those selling the spurious and fake seeds. The government realised that there is a chance of fake and spurious Cotton and Red chilli seeds in the market. Flying squads will tour the entire state beginning from Wednesday. The Intelligence wing also keeps a tab on the matter all over the State. The government has decided to identify those making and selling the fake and spurious seeds and book PD Act against them. Since the government feel that there will be large dumping of the fake Cotton and red chilli seeds, strict measures are in place to stop this menace.

• The state government has also decided to revamp the Agriculture department keeping in view and in tune with the New Comprehensive Agriculture Policy. The government has instructed the Agriculture University to do more research on the Crops should be cultivated in the State. The government wanted the Rythu bandhu Samithies to become active and coordinate farmers in the agriculture matters.

• The government has also decided to maintain the Godowns in the state in a simple and with a single aim.

• It was also decided to revamp the marketing department in tune with the new Agriculture policy.

• Paddy is cultivated in a big way in the State. To turn paddy into Rice there is a need to increase the capacity of rice mills in the State. The government has decided to take measures in this regard. The CM will soon have a meeting with the representatives of the Rice Mills Association.


Conference with the field level officials on May 15:

• The CM convened a videoconference here on May 15 to discuss with the field level officials on the regulatory cultivation policy of the State and to seek their suggestions.

•Collector in district headquarters, District Agriculture Officer, ADA, District Rythu bandhu president, Seed Development Corporation officer will participate in the conference. At Mandal level, Mandal Agriculture Officer, AEOs, Mandal Rythu bandhu Samithi president, Village Rythu Bandhu President will participate.

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