12 Directorial Debuts From RGV’s Team That Took Everyone’s Attention


RGV… Be it directing or producing, he is always aggressive in making films of his choice and introduced us many technicians. His team is always technically brilliant. Some chose to direct under his production and made his favorite dark genre movies. Some chose to go ahead on their own path and made the movie of their own choice. But when ever a team member of RGV is debuting they draw everyone’s attention. They will leave a strong impact. That was proved many times before starting with RGV himself. The team he has, had are peculiar and unique. They came with stories that were never told, they came with great technical brilliance and arresting storylines. Most importantly they have their own individuality and Ideology, which is a rare quality to have when you are in one team. People tend to be with people of same interests but these guys are people with same intensity and focus. He always tried to push the talent of his team if they come with stories of his sensibilities. He always wanted new talent to flourish. Let us see the directorial debut movies of RGV’s core team which will make you go awestruck…


1. Guna Sekhar – Choodaalani Undhi – Laati – 1992


2. Siva Nageswar Rao – Money – 1993


3. Krishnavamsi – Gulabi – 1995


4. Eeshwar Niwas – Shool – 1999


5. Teja – Chitram – 2000


6. Puri Jagannadh – Badri – 2000


7. VV Vinayak – Aadhi – 2002


8. Anurag Kashyap – Paanch (Banned during the release) – 2003


9. S Gopal Reddy – Naa Autograph – 2004


10. M. Jeevan – Dalam – 2013


11. Ajay Bhupathi – RX100 – 2018


12. Siddhartha Thatolu – Bhairava Geetha – 2018


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