Meet The Telugu Teacher From Andhra Who’s Selling Fruits After Losing His Job


Lockdown has been/is tough on all of us. We’re all going through some tough problems that we’ve never dealt before. People are facing their worst financial crisis ever. But one shouldn’t lose hope no matter how bad the situation gets, right? One such inspirational person we’re talking about today is a teacher from Andhra Pradesh.

Pattem Venkata Subbaiah, A 43 old teacher from Nellore who has lost his job teacher job recently and is now selling fruits for survival.


Subbaiah garu is a teacher who teaches Telugu and Sanskrit at a corporate school.

What happened?

Speaking to media, Subbaiah garu said He was forced to carry out a petty trade by his school to meet his financial needs.

As soon as the lockdown was imposed, He was getting paid only 50% of salary, And was told by management to bring in at least 6 candidates for admission in order to be paid his salary for the next month and has been told to continue the same even post lockdown.


“Last year I was able to get the new admissions for my school apart from being employed in my regular service as a teacher , but this time I failed due to Covid-19 fear as nobody would allow me into their homes. The management then told me to discontinue my service from May. Having no other option, I started selling bananas from May 20″ He said.

Subbaiah garu who lives with his wife and 2 children has an experience of 15 years and 2 post graduate degrees.

He also said,

“I got a monthly salary of Rs 16,080 as a school teacher till recently. But now I am not able to earn even Rs 200 per day by selling bananas. Life has become bitter. I am ready to serve in any government work on a contract basis.”

This is when his former students came to the sweet rescue & helped him

After hearing about his financial condition, his former students launched a campaign to raise funds for him. And, their efforts paid off.

Around 150 students who were previously taught by Venkatasubbaiah 5-6 years ago, raised ₹86,300 for their teacher.


Overwhelmed by the response he received, Subbaiah garu said,

“Selling bananas is a temporary job. If so many former students from years back wanted to help me, I must have made an impact as a teacher. I want to go back to teaching eventually, even if it pays less.”

It is indeed true that students never forget great teachers. All thanks to Subbaiah gari students that he received much-needed financial help.

Subbaiah garu continues to sell bananas until he finds a new job.

He also finally said,

“I told my students they shouldn’t be giving me money, that they should be investing in their own careers, but they insisted on helping me. I wish the government would support us by providing some livelihood options, since there are not many teaching jobs available at this time”

Salute Subbaiah garu. We need more strong and positive people like you.


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