Here’s How This Woman Is Fighting The GST’s Absurd Rule Of Taxing Sanitary Pads!


Contributed By Nikitha Karnam…

GST has caused a lot of panic and confusion among the general public. People are still struggling to decipher how it is going to impact their lives and more importantly how much money is going out of their pockets. But small detail was not so hard to understand and was pretty straightforward, the 12% GST on sanitary napkins. Treating a biological process as a luxury has caused uproar among women from around the country and rightly so.

Expressing her anger, another woman started her own way of fight against this new rule. “Swati Vijay” is doing this by painting the town, literally, with slogans. She has strongly felt that even though she is not rich she cannot ignore her personal hygiene. Also that for every woman, having periods is not a luxury and sanitary pads are an essential need and not a choice. So to express this emotion, sprayed over the walls are the words of “I’m on my luxurious period’. She has received appreciation from common people for making this issue more sensible and relevant. They also extended their support and have signed an online petition.

She and her husband have used street art as a form of expression to address the subjects like humility to admit our mistakes and politicians getting involved in corruption. They have also have painted a government school in Nadiwada, Warangal, to make it look interesting and appealing to kids. She has used street art as it is her passion and she believes that street art is closer to public and it creates a major impact as it constantly keeps reminding them of the message. We need more artists like her to address serious issues and put it out in open in the manner everyone can understand.


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