9 Movies That Made Tapsee Stand Out As A Performer Rather Than Just A Heroine


9 Years ago, After watching Tapsee in ‘Jhummandi Nadam‘, Who would’ve thought that she’d be in so many brilliant films after that. It seems like, Tapsee has had a comeback in her career, A 2.0 version very early (usually actors comeback after years and years of gap). Or it’s just that good scripts have come her way, only then. Whatever the reason might be, We’ve seen a whole different Tapsee since then. Have a look at her filmography, that changed the way we look at her:


11. Baby

This is THE movie that brought a different Tapsee that we, the audience have never seen before. Appatidaaka, South lo (Mogudu, Jhummandi Nadam), Bollywood lo (Chashme Baddoor) ani commercial movies, Rom-Coms chesi sudden ga, Tapsee kicking some asses in ‘Baby‘ gave her career, A new innings.

You can watch it on Hotstar


10. Pink

Tapsee is a performer‘, ani arichi cheppina movie. Social message unna movie ni, intha matured ga, aame character loni vulnerability ni beautiful ga portray chesi, acting potential prove chesina movie. Recent ga Tamil lo, Ajith ni petti remake kuda chesaru, Trailer kuda ochindi.

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9. The Ghazi Attack

Chaaala chinna role, but a decent role. In fact, If you observe, Ah movie motham lo unna one & only female role.

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8. Naam Shabana

Movie meh eh aina. Inka ee movie tho, ‘Cinema lo ‘hero’ lekapoina kuda audience ni pull cheyataniki, Tapsee is enough‘ ani prove cheskundi eeme.

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7. Anando Brahma

Bollywood lo manchi manchi roles & chances vasthunna time lo, She came back to where it all started. Chaala gap tharwatha ochina Telugu movie, with almost no ‘stars’ other than her, in the movie.

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Judwaa 2

Ee movie peru vinagana, Mana andariki common ga oche doubt, ‘Anni manchi movies chesthu, Madhya lo ilanti chetha movie enduku cheyali..‘ ani. Exactly, Rajeev Masand ki kuda idhe doubt ochi, oka interview lo aduguthadu. She replies, ‘Judwaa 2 made sooo much of money, In fact so much more than the ‘good’ movies that I’ve made before (Pink, and others). So when the audience start watching good films, and make them commercial hits, I’ll also only do good films‘. So let me not count this in the list.

Plis don’t watch this


6. Soorma

Antha goppa ga cheppukodaniki em ledhu. Bollywood lo Biopics flow lo vellipoyina cinema. But neither the movie, nor her role are bad in the film.

You can watch it on Netflix


5. Mulk

Last year Bollywood lo ochina one of the craziest, best and most socially relevant and important film that everyone should watch. Pink laage, this is also a court room drama, But yet it manages to be totally new and different, Because of the subject it is dealing with, I don’t want to reveal it, Watch it if you haven’t already.

You can watch it on Zee5


4. Neevevaro

If you observe, Average movies lo kuda, Tapsee is accepting the roles that she has weight and great potential to act in.

You can watch it on Netflix


3. Manmarziyan

Tapsee is a Punjabi. Vicky Kaushal is a Punjabi. (Both in real life too). And Anurag Kashyap hasn’t made any love stories before this. What else you want me to say!!

You can watch it on Jio Cinema


2. Badla

The Invisible Guest‘ ane super popular Spanish movie ni remake chesi, Mana Indian style ki adapt cheskoni, recent ga hit kuda kottaru. In this, She has acted opposite Amitabh Bachchan, again after Pink.


1. Game Over

I’ll not spoil anything for those who haven’t watched. But credits to the brilliant trailer cut for not revealing anything. ‘Edge-of-the-seat‘ thriller, ane phrase ni manam vine untam. But chaaala months tarwatha, ‘Game Over’ is THE best theatrical experience I’ve had in months. Last time, I’ve felt this thrilled and excited was during watching ‘Andhadhun’ in theatre. Kudos to Tapsee, Ashwin Saravanan, The director, The production house, ‘Y Not Studios‘ for making such brilliant film and Anurag Kashyap for backing such kick-ass project, and releasing it in Hindi. If you follow Baradwaj Rangan’s reviews. Chaala rojulu tarwata, He also went crazy mad in the review.


Tapsee’s upcoming movies also look super interesting:

Mission Mangal, Aug15th, 2019

Co-starring Akshay Kumar, Sonkshi Sinha, Nithya Menen, Vidya Balan. This is a Real-life story of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Mars Orbiter Mission which made Mars more accessible to explore.


Saand Ki Aankh, Oct 25th, 2019

In this Tapsee plays an 80-year-old woman. Co-starring Bhumi Pednekar, This is a biopic of ‘Shooter Dadis’ Chandro Tomar, Prakash Tomar. World’s oldest sharpshooters.


Here’s wishing Tapsee all the very best to bring much and much great content in the future.


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