Here’s All You Need To Know About “Talking Hands” – Telangana’s First Restaurant By Hearing Impaired!


Who knew that silence could be both deafening and so hard-hitting at the same time — this is what one experiences as one enters the premises of Talking Hands restaurant in Begumpet. The city recently got its first restaurant run and managed by hearing-impaired people. Everyday we come across different restaurants and cafes, but this is something different. In fact it’s thought provoking. The whole restaurant is being run and managed by hearing impaired individuals. This talking hands restaurant is a vision of a common man who is deaf by birth. TKM Sandeep, CEO, Deaf Enabled Foundation (DEF) is the person behind the initiative. Sandeep, who is also deaf, says he started the Deaf Enabled Foundation to educate and train hearing-impaired people to get jobs. Seeing his hard work, the government approached him to create Talking Hands. With a great vision, this restaurant is offering some quality service which is not less than any five star hotel.

The restaurant offers you some authentic North and South Indian cuisines along with some finger licking desserts. Before entering the restaurant, we have to learn few tips to communicate with the waiters. Once we enter, we can see the Staff welcoming us into the restaurant in sign language. You can witness some pictures having the ways to communicate using sign language. The menu of this restaurant is also quite interesting. Every dish has its unique sign, you can order the dish with the sign mentioned in the menu card. The service and the ambience will definitely amaze you.

From the entrance to the table mats and the restaurant’s walls, everything has been designed and created in a way to guide the visitors and teach them the importance of sign language. Guests are encouraged to order by using sign language. All staff members at the restaurant have been hired from DEF, and they are being trained to deal with the customers and manage the restaurant all by themselves. The restaurant has created quite a name in both the silent and hearing worlds. Guests have been coming here in large numbers, and they appreciate the idea and the food. Once you get inside, you know you have entered a different world. In other places, you will hear a cacophony of noises but here, it’s you and the food talking to each other in your own language.


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