She Created History Again ! Tajamul Islam Wins Gold Medal For India In World Kickboxing Championship For The Second Time

Apudapudu ilanti news lu vinnapudu oka side happy ga anipistadhi, inko side villentha great ra anipisthadhi. 20+ years una.. manam tinadam, padukovadam tappa emi cheyatle kani ilanti  chinna chinna pillalu history create chesthunnaru. Happy & Proud of their achievements. Deni gurinchi matladthunna ankuntunnara? Oka pataaka laanti ammayi, named Tajamul Islam a 13-year old girl second time kickboxing championship lo gold medal saadhinchindi. Idhokkate kadhu chala cheppali ah ammayi gurinchi, let’s dive into the article and know about her.

Her Childhood :

She was born in 2008, This little girl, is from a small village called Tarkpora in Kashmir’s Bandipora District. Valla father oka private construction company lo driver . Ayana ki vache kodhipaati salary (15,000 rupees) tho valla family antha gadavaali. She has two brothers, two sisters and andaru kuda army school lo chaduvukunevaru. Tajamul Islam second class lo unnappudu two months army Good Will School lo training teskundhi. There it was spotted that she has that natural aptitude of kickboxing.

We Are Achieving So Much With So Little: Tajamul Islam, Kickboxer -  SheThePeople TV

Her ceaseless practice :

She practices 25 hours every week. Vammo na valla kadhu mastaru, okka roju one hour workout cheste one week rest teskuntam.. alantidhi from the very beginning , chala chinna age nunde thana restless practices modhalu pettindhi.

Remarkable Achievements :

Tajamul unde village lo almost chala schools ni tagalabettesaru, shoot-outs jarigevi, chala gandara golanga, badhatho nindi undedhi. Appudu vachindi ah chinni Kashmir village lo pedha smile. Adhe thana first achievement. 2014 lo, valla army school district martial arts championship lo participate cheyamani pampinchindi. There she nailed; won the championship too ! Appudu thana trainer thanalo unna ah zeal and qualities chusi valla father ni request chesi mari thanaki further trainings icharu.

In 2015 , it was her biggest win at the state level championship in Jammu . Sub junior category lo Gold medal sadhinchindi. Adhe year(2015) lo malli National Kickboxing championship, Delhi lo Gold medal dakkinchukundhi. A very big day again for Kashmir & India in 2016, World Kickboxing Championship lo win ayindi. And Now again , In 2021 , it’s a remarkable day ! She won the World Kickboxing Championship Gold medal for the second time.

Entha pattudhala, sadhinchalane thapana untey intha takkuva age lo ne anni medals sadhinchindhi. She also inspired her sisters now to participate in such events. And definitely an inspiration to many young girls and boys out there.

Kudos to the kickboxing kiddo

Finally 13-year old girl has shown a path to many aspiring children in the nation. Definitely nation is proud of you, Tajamul Islam . May god give the same strength and courage to this young girl and wishing to achieve many more milestones. Intha chinna pilla antha pedha achievements sadhinchindhi antey thana krushi tho paatu, thana coaches, parents, family, well wishes prathi okkari encouragement tho ne.

Let’s congratulate our Indian girl on her big day !

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