Dealing With Mental Stress During The Lockdown: How To Tackle It


Lockdown extend avvadam , corona cases perigipovadam , intlo undi mental stress feel avvadam …these are the things most people are panicking about these days . Mari e corona tagginchadaniki intlo undadam okate prasthuthaniki unna solution .Adhi yelago manam follow avuthunnam kabatti , next bayatiki yekkadiki vellakapovadam, corona news vinadam , ivanni mana intloni shanthini , mana vontloni manashanthini pogoduthunnayi …so mari alantivi tackle cheyadaniki what we can do while staying in home


1.Calming therapies:

Ante….emi ledhu…meditation, dhyanam , pranayamam ilantivi rojuku oka 15 min aina cheyandi . Ala cheyadam valla breathing exercise kooda chesinatlu avuthundhi.

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2. Workout :

If you cant go gym , thats ok. Intlone chinna squats or pushups cheyandi . Avi kudarakapothe inti panullo intlo vallaki help cheyandi . Anthaku minchina exercise inkoti ledhu.

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3.Stay away from news :

Ante… poorithiga ani kaadhu… ade paniga alanti news telusukovadam maaneyandi koddhi rojulu. Though there is nothing wrong in staying updated but try to make it to a limited extent.

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4. Ullasanga , ustahanga :

Mari anthalaa undadam possible avvakapoyina , atleast stay calm, happy. Think about things that could trigger a smile on your face.

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5. Share with your near and dears :

Meeku yelanti ibbandhi anipinchina , just share with your family/ friends .May be they can give you some tips in tackling the situation.

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6. We are all on the same boat :

Yeah.. not you.. the one suffering the situation. We are all with you in this fight and we together will win in this fight. This too shall pass buddy . So…chill

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7. Mudras , yogas , art :

Yeah , there are so many yoga mudras that help us relieving in stress , anxiety ,you can try if possible .
Also , mandala art ani , colouring ani ila art side lo kooda konni techinques ni follow avvadam valla you can overcome your stress and axiety. Trust me works

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8. And, its ok not be productive:

Prapancham ila munigi pothunte , kaani andharu avemi pattanattu work chesthunnaru , chadukuntunnaru ani dont stree yourself trying to be productive. Meekemi preparation holidays ivvaledhu and tarwata exam-uu pettaru . Stay cool (school and college pillalu ,, idhi mi gurinchi kaadhamma)

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Maku telsinavi share chesam …ilantivi inka meeku yemaina telisi unte …comments lo share cheyandi

We together can get over this sooner

Stay safe !!!


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