Everything You Need To Know About India’s Largest Technology Incubator In Hyderabad

The new hotspot in Hyderabad is finally open. Telangana Chief Minister Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao gaaru has inaugurated the brand-new version of T-hub today in Raidurg, Hitec City today. This technology hub is India’s and world’s largest innovation centre.

This hub is built at a cost of 400 crores in 3,70,000 square feet of space. The 10-floor building will house 4,000 startups. Telangana IT Minister Mr. K T Rama Rao gaaru stated that the state government has invested 276 crores.


2015 lo T-Hub 70,000 square feet space tho start chesaru. State government inka premier academic institutes: IIIT-Hyderabad, Indian School of Business, inka NALSAR tho partnership tho open chesaru. Last 6 years lo T-Hub almost 1,100 start-ups ni support chesthu almost 10,00 crores raise chesaru. Dintlo 3 unicorn companies enable aiyyayi.

T-Hub 2.0 to host 4,000 startups, VC firms, eco-system partners - The Hindu

Covid lockdowns valla 2019 lone launch avvalsina T-Hub 2.0, 2022 daaka delay aindhi. T-Hub 2.0 lo more than 2000 startups, corporates, investors, academia, national inka international ecosystems ni enable chestaru.


T-Hub thriving entrepreneurs ni support cheyyadaniki and startups ni empower cheyyadaniki vallaki 6Ms: mentors, market, motivation, manpower, money, methodolies and 2Ps: partnerships inka policy advisory ni provide chestharu.  

T-Hub gets five times bigger – Evening Standard

Eroju jarigina inauguration event lo, 25 Indian unicorn company founders inka 30 biggest venture capitalist firms participate chesaru. Day motham lo, unicorn founders valla experiences startups companies tho share cheskovadaniki sessions ni arrange chesaru.


Hyderabad lo great startups unna, unfortunately venture capitalists firms vere cities lo based untayi. Aa gap ni fill cheyyadaniki, new facility lo entire floor venture capitalist firms ki dedicate cheyyadam jarugutundhi. Ikkada VC companies valla office ni free of cost ki setup cheskovachu.

July 1st nunchi, almost 215 previous T-Hub startups kottha building ki shift avtharu. 2-3 venture capitalists building lo valla seat ni already book cheskunnaru.  Cybersecurity CoE kuda T-Hub lo space take up chestaru.


Telangana State Innovation Cell, The Government of India’s Startup India initiative, DST sanctioned Atal Innovation Mission centre organisations valla office ki full-fledged gaa new building lo setup cheskuntaru.

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