Amitabh’s Test Look & Personal Blog About ‘Sye Raa’ Are Taking Our Expectations To A New Level!


Amitabh Bachchan has this habit of writing a personal blog often on ‘Tumblr’. So in a note that he shared on Day- 3656 (i.e. Today) March 27th 2018. He not just shared his first glimpse but also a few lines and his love for Megastar Chiranjeevi. His letter reads…

Dear friend Chiranjeevi, that majestic super star and icon from the world of Andhra and Telugu cinema, requests for a guest appearance in his magnum opus, on a most valiant period character that he portrays, and I agree .. so am off to begin its shoot in Hyderabad .. in a few hours .. the first look tests of which seem to be somewhat , thus..


.. these are not the final, but close ..

an admittance that most people that wish for me to work in their films , to bring in a character, attempt to put me in situations that resemble the above .. cannot really deny their choice .. the days of yore are over .. I mean they could never be reborn as this for example :


which i must say happened just a few hours before the one before this .. the transformation of the subject from the bright and excited to the sombre and grim is the greatest anathema of movie making .. !!

Haha .. the purists of sensationalised fourth estate , or is it now the fifth and sixth estate, shall busy themselves soon after this read and club me to death for that assessment .. hahah ..

well for me it is a monstrous damnation, this ‘anathema’ ..

try sticking on those millions of manufactured hair fungi on a perfectly sane undeserving face .. and that is what your brain shall begin to react ..

I do swear and promise myself that ‘NEVER AGAIN’ shall I ever indulge in sticking wigs and hair for a film .. but eventually get caught in projects that demand just that ..

So .. alright for the sake of creative excellence and necessity I submit ..

… but .. this is much better doing and going .. is it not ..??!!

Ya .. and . more so when the daughter comes by to be with her Father on set, for just a while, to lend her concern on health and general well being ..

What ever would we do without them .. !!

I need excuse now to depart .. there is a need to finish a commitment for family .. it requires for me to speak, to enact, to write, to translate , to deliver in specified time ..

So adieu .. and shall be with all later from the Hills of Banjara ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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