Everything About Swechha, A Program In Andhra That’s Providing Free Sanitary Pads To 10 Lakh Girls

We are waking up every day to realize our world is evolving into a better place for everyone to live in. The Swechha Initiative is one of them. Andhra lo Tuesday launch aina Swechha initiatiative mana society lo unna chala mandhi unprivileged ammailaki chala ways lo help avvabotundhi.

Courses by Swecha Andhra Pradesh

Under this program, Andhra government schools inka colleges lo chadive prati 7-12 class adolescent ammaiyiki, every month 10 quality sanitary napkins free ga provide cheyyadam jarugutundhi. These sanitary pads will be reached to these young girls through women cops and women teachers.

AP CM YS Jagan Launches Swechha

By this, every girl is going to have 120 sanitary napkins every year and almost 10 lakh, unprivileged students. Sanitary pads ni provide cheyyadam ey kakunda, used napkins disposal kuda nerpistharu. Aa pads disposal kosam AP lo more than 6000 incinerators kuda set up chesaru.

Amaravati: Adolescent girl students to get free sanitary napkins

Prati 2 months ki oka saari, officials almost 10,388 schools inka colleges ki velli students ki sanitary napkins distribute chestaru. Dintho paatu, government UNICEF, WASH inka P&G tho kalisi menstrual awareness, health inka hygiene midha classes provide cheyyadam jarugutundhi.

Menstrual Hygiene | Problems of improper hygiene | Dr Hema Divakar, ObGyn,  Bangalore

Also, in all the Cheyutha retail stores, the prices of sanitary napkins have been lowered for all the girls living in urban and rural areas.

South Korea To Risk Assess Sanitary Pads - Nonwovens Industry Magazine -  News, Markets & Analysis for the Nonwovens Industry

Oka research lo, sanitary pads valla deggara lekapovadam, schools inka colleges lo disposal facilities undakapovadam, washrooms inka running water ki access lekapovadam tho mana india lo 23% of women chadavadam manestunnaru ani studies prove chesindhi.

Girl students of Ichchapuram college in Andhra Pradesh get unhygienic  water- The New Indian Express

This is the time to change this for the better and give women of our country a better facility and a good quality of life. This not just helps them during their period but also helps them lead a hygienic and healthy life in the long run.

Percentage of Andhra Pradesh teenage girls pursuing education above  national average- The New Indian Express

We live in a very evolved era but yet shy away when the topic of menstruation comes. Menstruation is a topic that every single person on the earth needs to be more and more aware of. Daani gurinchi ekkuva awareness penchi, ekkuva mandhini educate cheyyadam is going to help us normalize periods and also helps us, girls to a lot more ways.

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