Whatte Library! Meet The Street Art Duo Swathi And Vijay Who Are Doing Wonders With Their Artwork

Oka cafe lo manchi wall art chusthe bagundhi antamu, velli photo diguthamu. Intlo bed venaka godaki manchi painting pedithe room vibe motham positive ga maruthundi, mari public place lo oka manchi art gisthe? Subconsciously goda medha unna painting edokati nerpisthundi. Art can definitely speak a million words without speaking. Ala last 14 years nundi Hyderabad lo street art chesthu enno adbuthamaina works chesina Hyderabad street art duo Swathi and Vijay latest ga Warangal lo oka patha library ni facelift chesaru.

Kindle, Online news and books ochinaka janalu libraries gurinche marchipoyaru. Kaani hard copies and vintage books iche feel ey veru. Baaga gurthu inthaka mundhu apudapudu velle vallam aa library ki, konni books akada matrame dorikevi. Once online lo anni dorakadam start ayyaka velladam manesamu, sudden ga oka roju ala daarilo velthunte ninnati daaka chusina library veru, eroju chusthunna library veru, complete kotha library feels, motham aa building chusthunte enti idhi mana library ey na ani doubt ochi lopaliki vellamu.

Okasari Before and After Pictures chusaka meeke clarity osthundi.

Before :

After :

Ipudunna society lo janalu library ki velli books chadavadam manesaru. Our main motive is to amplify that akada library undhi, aa art chusi library ki veldamu ani janalaki anipisthe memu success ayinatte ” – Swathi and Vijay

So street art gurinchi and valla journey gurinchi telusokodaniki we got in touch with them.

Your Journey and How did you get this opportunity for Warangal Library?

We both have been doing this artwork since 2008. Nothing was planned, we went with the flow in the journey. Initial ga chinna art works tho start chesina, last few years we have been doing artwork for many hospitals, Government schools. Recent ga khammam lo Sardar Patel stadium lo P.V Sindhu gari art work chesamu. Ma past works chusi Warangal collector Pamela Satpathy garu ila Warangal regional library ni facelift (renovate) chesthunamu, so ala artwork cheyamani chepparu.3 weeks lo complete chesamu.

40 ft Artwork of PV Sindhu @ Sardar Patel Stadium Khammam

Best Works:

Every work is the best work. Ippudante officially chesthunamu kabatti we have time period and permissions, Initial days lo rathri andharu padukunaka start chesina artwork, morning leche lopu aypovali, journeys, and jugaads crazy undevi. Konni works situation ki sync ayyela chesthe inkonni alochinchela chesevi .

సమాజపు కంచెలని తెంచగలిగేది ప్రేమతోనే కదా !

Save Farmers

Parents support in the journey?

We wanted to do something out of the common way. To be frank we are very blessed. Initial days lo when used to go out for street arts, permissions lenapudu matho paatu vallaki kuda chala tension undedhi, but they didn’t let it affect us. Tension and bhayam unna, they never objected. These people are trying to do something, let them do ane mindset lone support icharu. Right from support in choosing arts as a career to continuing it through Street art, we are very thankful to them

Challenges in Street Art?

Permissions and Vandalism are always there. Avi kakunda height is a major risk, when we work at the heights of 45-50 ft above, one small error can have major consequences. Also since the work is a big scale project, pre-planning kuda chala important, general canvas medha you can spot the error and redo it, but in this case it’s difficult.

Dealing with criticism?

Street art is something that has a huge impact on every person in society, chinna pillala nundi musali valla varaku chusina prathi okkaru relate avutharu. So we will be very much conscious enough to only send positivity through art. Negativity ni maximum eliminate chesesthamu. Very rarely when we get criticism and we try to lessen it from the next works.

Present scenario of Street Art in Hyderabad?

2008 lo street art ante chala takkuva members ki telusu, but ippudu daani importance and essence chala perigindi. Hyderabad lone international street art festivals jarigayi. 2018-19 lo street art boom start ayindhi. Inthaka mundhu only cafes lo kanipinchedhi  but now melliga government schools daaka ochindi ante its a sign that it’s growing. There are instances where total villages ni street art chesi marchesaru. So definite ga future lo dini importance inka peruguthundi.

Importance of street art?

Street art tho chala minimum cost tho extreme changes tiskuavachu, oka patha building ni malli kothaga kattalante konni crores avuthay. Daily manam tirige places lo oka pedha wall medha picture chusthe that is a different experience right? Okavela aa picture pedhadhi ayithe it will be larger than life experience, wah em geesar ani, so aa art lo unna message subconscious ga we will get it. In fact we can make different interpretations through it. Art will definitely improve the image of the building.

How to approach Swathi and Vijay?

You can follow our works on our Instagram and reach us through mail as well 


Banksy ane artist works inspire chesthayi. Real-Life Incidents, emotions, and News. We want the type of Art in Public places, that connects audiences with reality.

Through ART we want to communicate our thoughts to this world that are simple yet effective “- Swathi and Vijay

Ive kakunda there are so many amazing works of Swathi and Vijay, you can check their work @

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swathiandvijay/

Website : https://swathiandvijay.com/

Right from believing in them to standing up as an inspiration to many people out there, This duo is pure inspiration.

Also, do check out the Artworks made by Swathi and Vijay to Government Schools

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