Don’t Miss Our New Independent Film, Sva ft. Geddam From C/o Kancherapalem


Sva is an independent film made by young and passionate people. The story revolves around Jai, an ambitious and struggling writer, is befriended, isolated from everyone and living on the verge of life. One night he finds a mysterious phone and gets into a conversation with Raphael, a healing angel. Interesting events that unfold next forms the crux of the story.

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Written and Directed by : Vamsiram Chavali
Actors: Mohan bhagath, gayathri jujare, bharan, chaitanya , sandeep, sharan, anuradha ayyagari
DOP : Vidya Sagar
Editors : Vikas Krishna, Viplav nyshadam
DI : Suresh Ravi
Music: Smaran Sai
Sound design: Umakanth Jagtap
Trailer sound design: Sync cinema
Publicity Designs : Siva Narisetty, Gulshan Achari


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