A Few Heartwarming Incidents That Prove Sushma Swaraj Was A Heart Of Pure Gold


People who don’t follow politics, People who do, People who are apolitical.. Everyone in our country is aware of Sushma Swaraj & Her legacy. In times where Politicians can get so much of hate within no time on internet. Sushma Swaraj kept winning the hearts of not just Elderly people, But also the youth of nation. She was 67-years-old, Even at that age, She put her efforts and she actively posted things on social media and helped 1000s of people just through it.


This is a big loss. She will surely be missed. Here are just a few examples of what an epitome of pure heart she is.


An Indian man in Malaysia sought Ms Swaraj’s help in March to get his friend back from India but his tweet had grammatical errors. After another man asked him to write to the minister in Hindi or Punjabi, Ms Swaraj replied saying,


“Doing Chowkidari Of Indian Interests”

As simple as that.


To a Twitter user who asked if she could help him with a “defective refrigerator”, she wrote,


In 2016, when she was not able to attend the swearing-in ceremony of 19 council ministers at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, she gave an advice to the media in a tweet that read,


She had a great sense of humor too, Once when a man sarcastically sought her help and said he was “stuck on Mars”, She replied,


Not just these tweets, Among all the 1000’s of people she helped.. Here’s a small video that’ll leave you in tears.. This was when Hamid Ansari, An Indian citizen who returned back to our country after staying for 6 years in a Pakistani jail.. She personally went, met & received him.


Also, look at this, Self-explanatory, Powerful image:


She was a Nine-time parliamentarian. She died of a cardiac arrest at AIIMS, Delhi.


This is the last tweet, That she tweeted, hours before her death, congratulating PM Modi.


Her Twitter timeline is full of Positive, Heart-warming tweets of her helping and reaching out to those in help. This was Kulbhushan Jadhav’s family (An Indian national is held in Pakistan, for years now) came to meet her.


She is an icon for Positivity and Good work Worldwide.


‘Help was just a tweet away.’


RIP Sushma Swaraj, You will be missed, Your efforts, Your work, Your love towards the nation and the people will be remembered forever and ever.


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