Here’s Why Suryakantham Garu Will Forever Remain Tollywood’s Favourite Atthamma!


Suryakantham, the name which needs no introduction. Black and white kalam lo Atta roles tho industry ni rule chesina Gundamma attha, Chandralekha movie lo as a dancer ga thana career start chesindi. Tarvata she got many character roles kani she is not satisfy with them. One point of time lo she she got an opportunity to do the heroine’s role in Soudhamini, she couldn’t do it since she met with a car accident. Tarvata “Samsaram” movie lo oka cruel Atta role chesaru. And there no turning back from then. Dadapu 25 years ade taraha patra ni chestunna, prekshakulu eppudu bore feel avvaledu. Gadasari Atta ga comedy chesthu navvicharu, cruelity tho kodallani sathayincharu kuda. Entha mandi pedda stars unna, eeme character meedane cinema peru (Gundamma Katha) pettaru ante you can understand the craze of her.

Thanaki 6 years appati nund dance and singing lo training teeskunnaru. Aa interest thone she came into films. First movie Chadralekha lo dancer ga chesaru and daniki aaku vachina remuneration 75 rupayalu. She also got an offer from Bollywood as the previous heroine was removed, She simply rejected the offer saying can’t live on the unhappiness of other artists. Thana acting career Narada Naradi movie tho start ayyindi. She played a small role in it. After “Samsaram” her career got completely turned. Here on her birth anniversary we present you some of the best combinations of our Atta.

With Relangi


With Padmanadham


With Allu Ramalingaih


With Naresh


With Sv Rangarao


With Rajababu


With Chayadevi


With Nagabhushanam


With Gummadi


With Ramanareddy


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